Answering the essential questions

  • We’re a startup with little or no HR capability. Can you help us with the essentials so we can focus on growing the business?
  • Our ways of working have been transformed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Can you help us adjust to the ‘new normal’ … whatever that may be?
  • Our organization is growing fast. Can you help us cope with the challenges of hiring and onboarding the additional people we need?
  • We’re undertaking a business turnaround. Can you support our restructuring program whilst ensuring that the motivation and performance of remaining employees stays high?
  • We’re merging two organizations. Can you help us navigate the HR implications of bringing the organizations together?
  • We’re expanding into a new market. Can you help us build the new business from scratch?
  • We need to see significant improvement in our core HR processes. Can you give us the short-term boost in HR resources we need to achieve this as quickly as possible?
  • We’re looking to shake things up. Can you help?

Need to get started quickly?

Need to shake things up? We’re always interested in meeting new and interesting people and talk through challenges we could work on together.