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  • ... about Talent Acquisition: To drive innovation and productivity think about hiring for ‘culture add’ rather than ‘culture fit’. For decades organizations have been consciously hiring for ‘culture fit’ ... selecting candidates who matched their company’s DNA and would fit in well with the existing team. Overdone, however, this can lead to homogeneity of thought and perspective which stifles innovation and is, frankly, dull! ‘Culture add’ on the other hand, looks for people who respect an organization’s values and culture, but who also bring a different point of view and some fresh energy.
    Find out more about how we can help you enhance the diversity of your organization by clicking here.
  • ... about Onboarding: People naturally feel a little vulnerable when joining a new organization ... and when people are feeling vulnerable, how they are treated becomes highly emotional and symbolic. Consequently, when employees are positive about their onboarding process they are nearly 2-times more likely to feel fully prepared to excel in their new role and 2.3-times more likely to say their job is as good or better than they expected it to be.

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  • ... about Performance Management: The biggest problem with most Performance Management processes is that they are designed to tackle a minority of poor performers rather than inspire and motivate the majority. So, no surprise that research conducted in 2019 found that 92.3% of HR leaders were unsatisfied with their existing process and had identified it as “a critical area they need to address”. Find out more about how we can help you inspire and motivate performance by clicking here.
  • ... about Professional Development Programs: Linking development programs to externally recognized qualifications / college credits can have a dramatic impact on employee engagement, retention, and productivity for minimal cost.
  • ... about becoming a Magnet for Talent: In an increasingly transparent world it is essential that the workplace experience you are promoting externally is matched by the day-to-day experience of your people. Sounds simple, but this is a significant opportunity as research has shown that only 1 in 5 employees agree that what their organization says about the employment experience and what it is actually like working there are consistent.

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