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In recent years there has been seismic shift in the People practices of the most progressive organisations. For example:

  • Organisation Design is evolving into Organisation Dynamics – the creation of fluid and responsive structures and teamworking methodologies
  • Job Descriptions which required an employee to fit into a pre-defined role is giving way to Job Crafting where the role is shaped to the unique strengths of the individual
  • Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition were about hiring and placing employees with the right skills in the right job. These are being replaced by Work-task Planning and Talent Ecosystems which focus on achieving key outcomes through either employees, contractors, or technology.
  • A Culture Fit approach to resourcing has progressed to a Culture Add philosophy that seeks to enhance existing cultures by introducing more diversity.

OrgShakers can help accelerate progress in these – and other – areas to unlock the power of People in your organisation.

Organisation, Culture & Leadership

Talent may be King, but context is the Kingdom. Without the right organisation, culture and leadership, first-rate talent will only deliver third-rate performance.

OrgShakers’ mission is to increase overall organisational performance by enhancing the context in which your People are working.

Every program we develop with our clients is reviewed through this lens on an ongoing basis to ensure that it not only achieves its short-term objectives, but also supports long-term organisational health and sustainability.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are what creates competitive advantage and employee retention for your organisation.

The challenge is to identify and implement the practical ways in which an effective DEI strategy can be built at both the individual and enterprise-wide level.

OrgShakers bring passion, authenticity, and our own diverse global backgrounds to help organisations build comprehensive strategies, custom education programs, DEI communications support, as well as coaching and mentoring to individuals and employee business networks. Our ultimate goal is to promote a deeper understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion and its impact in the workplace, as well as shift behaviours and decision-making that will yield a more inclusive work environment and improved business performance.

OrgShakers can help accelerate progress in these – and other – areas to unlock the power and potential of all People in your organisation.

Change & Transformation

“The brutal fact is that about 70% of all change initiatives fail.” That was the conclusion of Harvard Business School professors Nitin Nohria and Michael Beer back in 2000.

Today, according to Boston Consulting Group, we’ve gone backwards: “75% of transformation efforts don’t deliver the hoped-for results.”

OrgShakers have first-hand experience of some of the world’s biggest – and most successful – corporate mergers, business diversifications, and organisational turnarounds. As a result, we can help your organisation be one of the 25% that actually succeed.

Hospitality & Service

"If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you”.

Delighting customers is the mantra of most organisations and the beauty is, that anyone can be great at this because anyone can serve – to share a smile, know your stuff and show you care. As simple as this sounds, the trick is to turn these words into actions to create “magic” for your customers.

OrgShakers have extensive experience in delivering innovative solutions across multiple sectors which includes empowering front-line leadership, hiring for attitude, creating customer “magical moments”, back-to-the-floor leadership programs, and front-line training aligned to educational qualifications.

Communications & Reputation Management

We are living in world where unforeseen and uncontrollable events can create significant business disruption. A world where our strategy and plans are subject to ongoing scrutiny and change. A world where many are feeling vulnerable and confused, and where organisations are often under an intense spotlight, judged critically on every action, inaction, comment and silence.

OrgShakers have extensive experience in supporting organisations in developing and implementing communication programs which share the information employees, stakeholders and customers need in an authentic and accessible way while demonstrating the empathy required to build trust, confidence and loyalty through times of significant change.

And, to be ready when the going gets tough, we also have the crisis management expertise to create a series of simple steps which will enable a fast and considered response that both safeguards your customers and employees and protects your brand and reputation.

Performance Motivation

Performance Management in most organisations is underperforming. Employees hate it. Managers hate it. And it doesn’t have an impact on overall performance. Rather it has become a bureaucratic exercise which exists only to serve itself.

At OrgShakers we believe that you cannot manage performance – but you can equip managers to inspire and motivate it.

We will work with you to ditch the paperwork and refocus leaders on effective goal setting, regular and meaningful feedback, and structured employee development and progression conversations.

Employee Wellbeing

To date organisations have primarily been focused on stand-alone wellbeing initiatives such as the employee assistance programs, mindfulness training, and gym memberships.

OrgShakers believe that these are useful tools however, to make a long-term, sustainable difference we also believe that organisations need to foster a culture of employee wellbeing. How this is achieved will vary according to the needs of individual organisations, however, we have found that common to all is the need to develop people managers at every level with strong emotional intelligence (EQ).

Through the focused development and coaching of managers at every level of the business, OrgShakers are able to support the design and implementation of EQ programs which will not only improve employee wellbeing – they will also support higher levels of individual and team motivation and performance.

Technology, Data & Insight

The case for having a fully engaged workforce has been well made over the years: the challenge is how to bring this to reality. A reality which has eluded many employers.

OrgShakers believe in the power of insights; gathering data which often already sits within the organisation (albeit in different functional siloes) and developing effective, ongoing, and real-time employee listening channels. The insights generated support effective leadership and inform the creation of meaningful and effective People strategies.

Technology plays a critical role in all of this. OrgShakers have experience in research technology, Core HR Systems, Learning and Digital Engagement platforms.

Talent & Reward

Organisations understand the importance of having great talent to meet their needs both now and in the future. But to succeed we need to rethink our approach to winning in this space. In other words, “out” with the nine-box grid, the competency models, and the cumbersome succession charts and in with the new!

OrgShakers replace legacy approaches to create a dynamic Talent Ecosystem which focusses on: the context of leadership in the evolution of the business, simple leadership frameworks, creating a dialogue-based culture, a total rewards approach which reinforces culture and positive behaviours, and the ability to identify where your organisation is strong while simultaneously innovating to meet ongoing needs.

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