Page 2 - Diversity Equity and Inclusion
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Some gems we want to share with you:

               ● It can be difficult to source diverse talent but with the right AI and analytics it is possible.

               ● Sequenced, focused effort matters more than financial investment.

               ● Don’t underestimate the impact of communication. Communication drives self-belief which
               leads to diverse and inclusive behaviors.

               ● It’s important to understand the current landscape and culture first (both strengths
               and blockers)

               ● Focusing on key behaviors can show you the critical path to an inclusive culture.
               For example:

                  –  Greet people authentically - say ‘hello’, or other culturally appropriate greetings.

                  –  Work for the common good and shared success.

                  –  Listen as an ally i.e.: listen and engage.

                  –  Lean into discomfort - be prepared to challenge yourself and others.

                  –  Put your stake in the ground and be willing, eager, and able to move it.

                  –  Ask others to share their perspective - and accept their frame of reference

                  –  Speak up when people are being excluded

                  –  Ask who else needs to be involved to understand the whole situation

               ● Simplicity is key. Having a  common language and simple strategy enables engagement.

               ● Involve employees in strategy development

               ● Strategy needs to be translatable for leadership, individuals, and the organization

               ● Measurement is key. You measure what you value.

               ● Finally, you won’t unlock the power of Diversity, without investment in Inclusion.
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