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Our Unique Approach

        Our OrgShakers’ Diversity Equity & Inclusion practitioners bring decades of professional and
        personal experiences with an array of companies and industries across the globe.

        The breadth and depth of our experiences have shaped the distinct and innovative lens in which
        we view the world and our work, and our combined thinking and strategic acumen will create value,
        drive engagement, cultivate inclusion, increase diverse representation, and enhance loyalty.

        We are data driven. As well as leveraging the leading global research and benchmarking data, we
        are able to generate deep Diversity Equity & Inclusion insight from our proprietary data lake and
        AI-driven analytical engine.

        In addition, by combining the latest advances in behavioral diagnostics with predictive analytics, we
        can accelerate culture change across organizations through focused and practical actions that will
        drive sustainable, long-term outcomes.

        The Journey to Inclusion Mastery:

        A methodology for organizational transformation

                                                                To ...
        From ...
        From …                                                To …

         Information is source of individual power and           Information is source of team competitive
         is protected.                                           advantage and is shared.

         Trust and listen to a select inner circle.              Trust and listen to all team members.

         See colleagues as competition: win-lose                 See colleagues as partners: win-win

                                                                 Problems and different perspectives are brought
         Not raising problems / packaging problems /             to light in an inclusive way and those who speak
         avoiding conflict.
                                                                 up are celebrated.

                                                                 Leader as a coach, facilitator, teacher who asks
         Leader is in control and has as all the answers.
                                                                 the right questions.

         Leaders have inconsistent capabilities for hiring,      Leaders are capable of and accountable for
         leading, coaching, and developing team members          hiring, leading, coaching, and developing team
         of diverse backgrounds and styles.                      members of diverse backgrounds and styles.

         Influence and acceptance based on job title,             Influence is based on skills, experience,
         relationships and tenure.                               and knowledge.

         Set processes are aggressively guarded; new             Team members bring there best thinking,
         ideas are not accepted.                                 experience and creativity to the table.
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