Page 4 - Diversity Equity and Inclusion
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Developing your Diversity Equity & Inclusion strategy

        We take a simple, pragmatic approach to accelerating your Diversity Equity & Inclusion strategy
        through our PACE framework:

            ● Participate – ensuring diversity is represented throughout the organization, and that the culture
            and processes support inclusion.

            ● Advance – progression for all employees through rewards (pay equity, benefits), environment
            (human rights and anti-discrimination), development, and education.

            ● Celebrate – communication, engagement inside and outside the organization to build self-belief.
            Employee advocacy.

            ● Extend – use your scale for good, extending best practice to your supply chain and communities.
            Developing strategic partnerships.

        OrgShakers has experience delivering:

            ● Created and implemented DE&I strategy for one of the largest eCommerce retailers in the USA

            ● Built the largest employee resource groups in one of the world’s largest brands

            ● Delivered the most diverse Olympics and Paralympic games ever

            ● Created and implemented Women in Leadership programs and coaching

            ● Initiated process changes to eliminate bias through the use of technology

            ● Created Europe’s largest corporate LGBTQ+ network

            ● Created and implemented  an award winning global program for disadvantaged youth

            ● Theoretical and practical experience – teaching at Harvard and Manchester Universities
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