Page 5 - Diversity Equity and Inclusion
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What we can deliver:

         Insights                                          ● AI – competitor benchmarking
         We can help you analyze and define                ● Analyze and benchmark seven leading behaviors
         leading and lagging diversity indicators          that lead to an inclusive environment
                                                           ● Analysis of internal diversity and inclusivity
                                                           ● Comparative benchmark for diversity indicators
                                                           ● Employee surveying
                                                           ● Climate assessments
                                                           ● Conduct focus groups
                                                           ● PhD level / Professor AI capability
         Strategy Design                                   ● Organization Assessment

         We work with your leadership team                 ● Establish an organizational imperative
         to custom build the foundation or                 ● Diversity Equity & Inclusion model building
         framework of your organization’s                  ● Framework redesigns
         Diversity Equity & Inclusion strategy             ● Executive interviews and assessments

                                                           ● Data gathering and interpretation
                                                           ● Understand diverse customers and communities
         Culture                                           ● Define the desired culture, signaling how we want
         We help you transform your                        people to think, feel and act
         organizational culture to deliver the             ● Identify and prioritize the right initiatives to support
         outcomes you need to drive long-term,             an inclusive, high-performing culture which can be
         sustainable outcomes                              sustained over the long term

                                                           ● CultureScope – ground-breaking behavioural
                                                           diagnostics which deliver a bias-free assessment of
                                                           organizational culture
         Talent Acquisition                                ● Executive Search
                                                           ● Talent mapping

         Education and Training                            ● Inclusion education and senior executive alignment
         We design and/or deliver custom                   ● Design and deliver virtual and/or in-person
         education and development programs                programs, workshops, and webinars
         for individuals, groups, teams and                ● Leadership, Team, and Individual coaching
         organizations                                     ● Employee Networks/Resource Group coaching

         Communication                                     ● Design Diversity Equity & Inclusion communications
         We lend our expertise to the strategic            strategy for internal and external audiences
         crafting of communications and                    ● Communications support for CEO communications
         messaging in the tone and voice of CEO            and business updates to employees
         and/or the senior leadership team

         Compensation and Reward                           ● Compensation benchmarking
                                                           ● Pay Parity
         Self-Help Library                                 ● Connect allies to free resources that help in their
         Learning about Diversity Equity &                 self-discovery and education about Diversity Equity
         Inclusion is a lifelong journey. We can           & Inclusion
         give access to resources for employees
         to self-educate on this important topic
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