Try Prism® for yourself!

Prism is a patented psychometric assessment which is delivered via a simple 30-minute online questionnaire and measures 54 key traits and attributes across six integrated factors:

  • Personality/Personality Under Pressure
  • Processing
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • Motivation
  • Fundamental Needs

Developed and enhanced over three decades, and rigorously tested for validity by certified, independent organizations, Prism enables organizations to have a detailed and objective assessment across their entire internal talent ecosystem.


To watch a brief video which brings to life how Odgers Berndtson are using Prism to create differentiated and high-value executive onboarding experience, CLICK HERE.

To try it for yourself, simply provide us with the following details:

Once we’ve processed your details, we’ll email you with the information you need to discover your own Prism profile.

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