Human Capital Risk Management

Risk = Threat x Vulnerability
We cannot control the emergence of threats – but OrgShakers can help make your organization less vulnerable

Hack And Access Concept

Risk Intelligence

In a post-pandemic world where cyber-security and environmental impacts are of growing concern, organizations need a more robust and efficient approach to risk assessment – and a culture of risk intelligence where threats are understood, owned, and cost-effectively mitigated. The MitigatePro system enables organizations to build a culture of Risk Intelligence by:

  • Supporting an enterprise-wide risk framework
  • Creating a common language to describe risk
  • Enabling a qualitative assessment of risk and the impact of risk mitigation interventions
  • Developing a collective ownership of risk at every level of the organization

Together, these will enable organizations to have an informed dialogue about risk appetite; enhance resilience and agility; build extra rigor to their decision-making proceses; and reduce their insurance premiums.

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Giving A Hand

Reputation Management

We are living in world where unforeseen and uncontrollable events can create significant business disruption. A world where our strategy and plans are subject to ongoing scrutiny and change. A world where many are feeling vulnerable and confused, and where organizations are often under an intense spotlight, judged critically on every action, inaction, comment, and silence. OrgShakers have extensive experience in supporting organizations in developing and implementing communication programs which share the information employees, stakeholders and customers need in an authentic and accessible way while demonstrating the empathy required to build trust, confidence, and loyalty through times of significant change. And to be ready when the going gets tough, we also have the crisis management expertise to create a series of simple steps which will enable a fast and considered response that both safeguards your customers and employees and protects your brand and reputation.

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