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  • on
    12th July 2024

    Largest UK Public Sector Trial of Four-Day Week Sees Huge Benefits | The Guardian

    In the largest public sector trial of the four-day week in Britain, fewer refuse collectors quit and there were faster planning decisions, more rapid benefits processing and quicker call answering, independent research has found. South Cambridgeshire district council’s controversial experiment with a shorter working week resulted in improvements in performance in 11 out of 24 areas, little […]

    Fi Repost 4 Day Public Trial
  • on
    10th July 2024

    HR in Crisis!?

    With the scope of HR continuing to grow, the profession is witnessing an increasing number of HR teams that are struggling to meet this increasing demand. In a recent LinkedIn poll, we asked our followers to share where their teams were facing challenges. Almost half of respondents, 43%, said CAPACITY (having enough of the right […]

    Fi Hr In Crisis
  • on
    08th July 2024

    What We’re Reading: Reset by Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.

    Change continues to be a prominent theme in the working world – so much so that employers are having to address the rising tide of change fatigue amongst their employees and themselves. That’s why this month we have chosen to read Reset: A Leader’s Guide to Work in an Age of Upheaval by Johnny C. […]

    Fi 1 Reading Reset
  • on
    03rd July 2024

    What Employers Need to Know About Supporting Bereaved Parents

    Supporting an employee through grief is always difficult; we all grieve differently. But it can feel particularly daunting to support the aching grief of a recently bereaved parent. It’s important for employers to consider that a parent’s journey with their bereavement doesn’t always begin post-mortem. For parents who lose their children to illness, this process […]

    Fi Bereaved Parents
  • on
    27th June 2024

    Supporting Employees with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that is caused by experiencing very stressful, frightening or distressing events. Most of us will experience at least one trauma in our lifetime that could lead to PTSD, although not all experiences with trauma lead to this disorder. While often associated with military veterans, PTSD affects […]

    Fi Ptsd Support
  • on
    24th June 2024

    HR Tech Startups: Innovations and Disruptions in the HR Industry

    The HR industry is experiencing a profound transformation driven by innovative tech startups. These companies are redefining how organisations manage talent, from recruitment and onboarding to employee engagement and performance management. In an era where businesses strive to become more agile, inclusive, and efficient, HR tech startups offer solutions that address modern workplaces’ evolving needs. […]

    Fi Hr Tech Startups 2
  • on
    12th June 2024

    What Can Employers Learn from the ‘Quiet Vacationing’ Phenomenon?

    According to The Harris Poll’s Out of Office Culture Report, 37% of millennial workers have admitted to ‘quiet vacationing’ – that is, taking time off without telling their managers under the guise of working remotely. For those getting flashbacks to the days of ‘quiet quitting’, they may be appropriately timed. Much like how quiet quitting […]

    Fi Quiet Vacation
  • on
    11th June 2024

    National Elections: How to Mitigate Employee Friction

    Election fever is currently a global phenomenon. European and Indian elections have already taken place – with UK, French, and US Presidential elections now in full cry. And at a time when politics is becoming increasingly polarized, probably the only thing we can all agree on is that almost everyone will have an opinion on […]

    Fi Elections
  • on
    03rd June 2024

    How to Ensure Your LGBTQ+ Inclusion Efforts Don’t Become ‘Pinkwashing’

    As Pride Month begins, so does the influx of rainbow logos, Pride-themed merchandise, and many a parade. However, for employers, it’s important to not fall into the trap of ‘pinkwashing’ – that is, the practice of superficially supporting LGBTQ+ causes for marketing purposes without substantial backing or action. To help reduce the risk of pinkwashing, […]

    Fi Pinkwashing Pride
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