Leadership Optimization

The new world of work calls for a new set of leadership capabilities. OrgShakers can help you ensure that your senior team have got what it takes.

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Individual and Team Coaching

OrgShakers’ highly experienced Executive Coaches create a confidential thinking space for individuals and teams; a time to talk about their concerns, worries, dreams, and goals. They help mobilize existing resources to solve any problems and know the steps to take to achieve defined goals. As well as being highly supportive, they will also push and question during these sessions, creating the right balance of support and challenge to ensure optimal performance.

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Executive and Team Onboarding

Research shows that 50% to 70% of executives fail within 18-months of taking on a new role, regardless of whether they were an external hire or promoted from within. Our Executive and Team Onboarding program blends the experience of our Executive Coaches and the proprietary Prism® online psychometric tool to create detailed profiles of Executives and their Teams along with practical advice on how those individuals can work together to optimize relationships, build trust – and accelerate performance.

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Assessment for Recruitment and Development

OrgShakers’ psychologists are qualified to deploy a range of leading psychometric instruments to assess an individual's personality traits, motivations, strengths, abilities, and areas for development. For recruitment we produce a report for each candidate, including guidance for interviewers on questions to ask and comparisons between candidates against key competencies. For development we assess the key competencies required for future leaders and produce personal development plans for them.

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Executive Compensation

Ever greater complexity and stakeholder scrutiny are making the setting, management and communication of executive pay programs increasingly challenging. OrgShakers work with management and boards to balance talent and governance risks to create programs which drive business performance whilst standing up to close scrutiny from shareholders, regulators, and others.

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Strategic Alignment Services

Strategic planning and engagement can be challenging to get right. The CEO dilemma is that too much board involvement may undermine their leadership; boards often worry that they are brought into the strategic planning cycle too late or too lightly. When the alignment between the CEO and board is off and the discussions feel circular and arduous, the solution is to bring in an experienced Strategic Advisor who can support the CEO and the board as they work between the seams to clarify their strategic choices.

To achieve this, we look at delivering a concise Strategic Framework that interweaves an organization’s purpose, vision, values and strategy. Using this framework as a basis, we will facilitate a comprehensive Board Strategy Offsite to lay the groundwork for board approval of the Strategic Plan. From here, we will build an integrated enterprise-level strategic program that will streamline strategic risk management in an on-going basis. This will engage the CEO and their leadership team in de-risking the achievement of their strategic goals.

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