Our Name Says It All ...

We are a global HR consultancy on a mission to help you shake things up. Your organization. Your team. Your industry. Even yourself!

We are some of the world’s most experienced HR professionals, supported by state-of-the-art technology and totally focused on attracting, retaining, and motivating the People you need.

So, whether it is securing key talent, turbocharging your leaders, or reenergizing your workforce – and whether you need a one-off project or an end-to-end turnkey solution – we have an answer for every HR challenge.

OrgShakers: The global HR consultancy for workplace transformation.

Latest News

Fi Midlife Coaching Ap

How Coaching can Create Learning and Development Opportunities for Midlife Workers

There’s often a misconception that older workers are ‘set in their ways’ and less adaptable to change – and yet, research shows that around 30% of people who are 55 and over actively want to improve their skills but feel unable to ask for help. Pair this with the fact that 34% of these employees […]

Fi Quiet Vacation

What Can Employers Learn from the ‘Quiet Vacationing’ Phenomenon?

According to The Harris Poll’s Out of Office Culture Report, 37% of millennial workers have admitted to ‘quiet vacationing’ – that is, taking time off without telling their managers under the guise of working remotely. For those getting flashbacks to the days of ‘quiet quitting’, they may be appropriately timed. Much like how quiet quitting […]

Fi Elections

National Elections: How to Mitigate Employee Friction

Election fever is currently a global phenomenon. European and Indian elections have already taken place – with UK, French, and US Presidential elections now in full cry. And at a time when politics is becoming increasingly polarized, probably the only thing we can all agree on is that almost everyone will have an opinion on […]

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