People Strategy

By aligning the People fundamentals – talent, culture, structure – with overall business strategy, we can help organizations become stronger, more innovative, and better able to respond to an ever-changing environment.

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Talent Attraction & Retention

At a time of increasing labor and skills shortages, organizations find themselves fishing in shrinking pools of talent. So how do you make sure your organization has an advantage over the competition? Through a combination of data-driven labor market insights and decades of first-hand experience, we can enhance your employer brand, organizational reputation, and employee experience to ensure that both internal and external talent pipelines are robust and primed when you need them.

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Performance Motivation

Performance Management in most organizations is underperforming. Employees hate it. Managers hate it. And it doesn’t have an impact on overall performance. Rather it has become a bureaucratic exercise which exists only to serve itself. At OrgShakers we believe that you cannot manage performance – but you can equip managers to inspire and motivate it. We will work with you to ditch the paperwork and refocus leaders on effective goal setting, regular and meaningful feedback, and structured employee development and progression conversations.

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Total Reward

Effective Total Rewards can be the difference between being competitive in the talent marketplace – or being left behind. By aligning your Total Rewards with a compelling employee experience, OrgShakers can help you accelerate performance and productivity, drive positive behavior change, and embrace new and evolving ways of working. Through a portfolio of pay, benefits, and employee wellbeing programs we can help enhance your ability to attract, retain, and engage the talent you need to ensure the success of your organization.

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Culture Change

Culture can provide a huge competitive advantage – and the future world of work is about creating a culture where both employee and customer experience thrive, and organizational performance is boosted. Add to that the fact that when organizations get it right, the cultural premium they create is one that is very hard for competitors to copy. No matter what your goal – be it the evolution of culture in an established organization or the integration of cultures in an acquisition – OrgShakers’ apply a combination of well-proven science and our extensive, global human capital experience to unlock the power of culture to accelerate the achievement of key organizational outcomes.

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Workforce Insight

OrgShakers believe in the power of insights. Using a ‘tech stack’ of analytics and visualization tools we are able to create a near real-time image of the labor market from which we can generate the insights clients need to make strategic, talent-based decisions. We also have extensive experience in more ‘traditional’ quantitative and qualitative methodologies, often blending these to create the nuanced insights required to support effective leadership and inform the creation of meaningful and effective People strategies.

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Organization Design

Organizations must now be able to change and adapt faster than ever before. New technologies. Increasing regulation. Growing competition for scarce talent. Pandemics. Cyber-attacks. Environmental pressures … the potential for disruption is clear. At OrgShakers we believe it is possible for an enterprise to create a framework which supports and enables the behavioral, cultural, and structural agility required to seize the opportunities created by these disruptive forces. We call this Organization Dynamics

Unlike traditional organization design, Organization Dynamics is an integrated, multi-disciplinary program of activity to identify and implement structures and processes which drive long-term sustainable growth whilst being flexible enough to adjust to short-term business imperatives.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion drive competitive advantage and employee retention for your organization. The challenge is to identify and implement practical ways in which an effective DEI strategy can be built at both the individual and enterprise-level. OrgShakers bring passion, authenticity, and our own diverse global backgrounds to help build comprehensive strategies, custom education programs, DEI communications support, as well as coaching and mentoring to individuals and employee business networks. Our ultimate goal is to shift behaviors and decision-making to create a more inclusive work environment and improved business performance.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Brain health is critical to our wellbeing and productivity. Just like the rest of our body, this incredible organ needs good nutrition, hydration, exercise, and rest in order to work to its optimum capacity. The conditions in which we work and the way that we work are therefore crucial to the quality of our thinking output – our NeuroProductivity. OrgShakers combine psychology, performance science and extensive HR expertise to help improve the brain health of individuals by optimizing the working practices of an organization.

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Midlife Employees

The ageing population means that there are more midlife workers than ever before. The employment rate for 50- to 64-year-olds is rising steadily and it is estimated that by 2030 around one-third of the workforce will be over 50 years of age. We also know that knowledge, skills, and experience are at their peak in midlife. And for employers to optimize these, they need to better understand and answer the needs of midlife workers. OrgShakers aim to shine a light for employers on the issues people face at midlife and to provide education, policies, training, seminars, and guidelines to ensure organizations can maximize the performance of an age diverse workforce.

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HR Technology

OrgShakers can help you select and implement HR systems which will improve overall operational efficiencies while delivering an outstanding service to employees and stakeholders. To achieve this, we undertake a systematic approach to understanding your organization which enables us to evaluate the full scope of potential solutions across recruitment, payroll, benefits, HR, time & labor, learning management and reporting to help you make the selection that fits your company’s specific needs.

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