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OrgShakers are not only leading practitioners in our individual areas of expertise. We also share a quality which we’ve found is increasingly rare in the world of business consultancy – we like each other, and we enjoy what we do. This creates an informal and inclusive environment where ideas are freely shared, energetically explored, and sometimes robustly challenged. In other words, an environment where we can shake things up a bit!

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Expertise Filter
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David Fairhurst August 2023
Lauren Kincaid Aug 2023
Therese Os Website 2
Ac Anya
Ken Merritt
Gordon Robinson
Clare Parkes
Patsy Doerr
Arnold L Greene
Amanda Holland 2
Robert S 2
Ap 3
Chris Mcgee2
Christian Fernandez
Marty Belle 2
Stephanie Beyer
Lori Rubin
Lisa Finkelstein
Brittany Burton
Karen Cerrato
Cindy Strong
Joanna Tippins
Sayid Hussein
Alisa Cardenas
Natasha Santos
Nicola Aug 22
Mark Quinn
Pippa Farrall
Salima Hemani
Maggie Schrock
Sue Johnson
Gary Payne
Martin Tiplady
Gavin Jones
John De Regt
Gary Depaul
Camille Belle
Michael Lawson
Adam Scopp
Mike Dwyer
Claire Tingsager
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