Business Start-up and Transformation

Staying on top of your organization’s HR requirements can be challenging, even in so-called ‘normal times’. But if you’re the founder of a start-up looking to build a new business, or the leader of an established organization at a key point of transition, the volume and intensity of the HR workload can be daunting. OrgShakers can help.

Orgessentials Simplified Model

Start-up and Transformation – OrgEssentials

Our OrgEssentials team provide a dedicated full or part-time HR Business Partner supported by an experienced team of world-class specialists. We also have access to a suite of ready-made HR policies, processes, and programs to ensure we make the biggest impact in the shortest time.
The advantages of this approach are that:

  • We can develop a detailed, hands-on understanding of the organization’s unique challenges and opportunities and ways to leverage our resources to build the best approach for your needs.
  • We can flex the level of support we provide over time.

By clicking ‘Find Out More’, you will find an interactive diagram of how we can help at every stage of the ‘employee journey’.

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Program Acceleration Office

An OrgShakers Program Acceleration Office creates a common operating environment which enables project teams to align their individual efforts towards a shared goal through:

  • A dedicated team ensuring multi-project co-ordination, collaboration, and optimized program impact.
  • Focusing on an enterprise level Vs an individual project level.
  • Taking a macro-view of program resourcing, governance, and economics.
  • Ensuring clarity on how projects align to achieve overall program objectives.
  • Inspiring the organization in achieving the program vision.
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