Meeting The Future Leadership Imperative

Talent is an organization’s single biggest asset and, at the same time, its single biggest risk. With a rapidly changing global business environment, today’s leaders and their companies must be agile enough to evolve. They need to be equipped to define and execute on strategy while continuing to grow and innovate as well as develop themselves and their teams while also identifying and nurturing up-and-coming leaders. We work with companies around the world to: 

Executive Recruitment

Executive Recruitment

We recognize that no candidate is truly perfect, and that each brings his or her own unique strengths and developmental needs to a new role. In order to maximize your insights and understanding of each candidate, we integrate objective, structured assessments into the hiring process using our proprietary LeaderFitTM Competency Model, which offers a consistent view of what great leadership looks like:

Our business psychologists, leadership consultants, and coaches, who are trained and certified on a variety of assessments, collaborate with our clients to identify the most appropriate evaluation solution to leverage for a given context. These specialists combine their experience and expertise with well-researched and validated assessments to quantify candidates’ capability against the LeaderFitTM Model as well as to identify their distinctive assets and risks. Our dedicated assessment experts bring a rigorous, insightful, and objective approach to every client project, along with a deep understanding of the executive leadership context.

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Executive Coaching

When coaching executives, we have one main goal: to improve a leader’s effectiveness, which in turn positively impacts team success and overall business results. Our experienced and accredited coaching professionals work with executives to help them understand their assessment results as well as achieve greater self-awareness around their leadership strengths, development opportunities, and potential derailers. They also equip these senior leaders with tools and strategies that will allow them to generate new insights, enhance their overall impact, and lead them to higher performance levels.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Our consultants have significant expertise in developing leadership capability and in designing programs with that objective in mind. Our approach includes:

  • A rich assessment of leadership style, which enables individuals to build on their authentic preferences – leveraging strengths and enhancing capability in development areas.
  • Developmental resources, such as articles, videos, and workbooks that enhance and embed the learning from highly interactive and engaging workshops.
  • As necessary, a series of virtual check-ins to sustain the focus on ‘homework’ elements of the program
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Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Whether you are looking for your next CEO or for enterprise leaders across functional spectrums, identifying future leaders from within your organization has become critical to succeeding in an increasingly competitive talent environment. With our proprietary 7-step methodology, we are able to support organizations’ succession planning efforts, both internally (i.e., through objective assessments, leadership development and coaching, and integration) and externally (i.e., through external mapping, candidate evaluation, and new hire onboarding). Our rigorous approach can accurately predict future performance, leadership potential, and ability to shape an organization’s culture. As a result, our clients have the data and information they need to identify the leaders who have the ambition, values, and potential to drive their organizations’ future success.

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Board & Team Effectiveness

One of the most important success factors driving organization effectiveness is the relationship between the Board and CEO. We work with organizations to ensure a constructive partnership, recognizing that the effectiveness of the Board and CEO are interdependent. Our CEO evaluation is designed to help the Board effectively assess, evaluate, and measure a CEO’s performance, which provides him/her with clear performance expectations and support around development opportunities. Our Board evaluation is designed to help enhance collaboration between the Board and the CEO and identify clear roles and responsibilities for Board members while uncovering individual development opportunities. Research and experience repeatedly show us that high performing teams achieve superior business results. Unfortunately, teams are susceptible to all types of dysfunction, which can significantly inhibit cross-functional collaboration and innovation. To identify the source of a team’s inhibitors, whether at the executive or board level, it’s critical to understand the team dynamics and each member’s interpretation of their role and the team’s purpose. By assessing individual personalities, diagnosing team interactions, and conducting a structured review of business and culture drivers, we help teams function at their highest potential within a given context.
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Systemic Leadership Team Coaching

Systemic Leadership Team Coaching

Our Systemic Team Coaching methodology, which is based on the work of Dr. Peter Hawkins (2020, 2017), recognizes that all learning and development is relational between the leader or living system and the wider living ecosystems they are nested within. To help leaders see a fuller and more complete picture, the coach will help them see their context through the six systemic lenses of: individual, interpersonal, team dynamics, team task mission, and intent, stakeholder interfaces, and wider systemic environment including the Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Legal, and Environmental influences. Through these lenses, leaders can take a future-back and outside-in approach and recognize and respond to the emerging needs and challenges of their wider eco-system in new transformative ways.

We will partner with your leadership teams using a Systemic Team Coaching (STC) approach to help your teams enhance their business and team productivity, relationships, and performance. The advantage of STC is that it recognizes that change takes place over time, and that effective team development is the result of both action and learning. More specifically, STC focuses on task, process, learning, and leadership in relation to the team's wider eco-system to respond to future emerging stakeholder needs. As a result, the team constantly transforms in dynamic relationship with its ecosystem with greater creativity and speed of innovation.

Similar to our systemic approach to individual coaching, we help leaders and leadership teams adopt a multi-layered perspective to see a fuller and more complete picture of their context through six lenses:

  • Individual that includes personal drivers, goals, and behaviors
  • Interpersonal relationships that include relationships with each individual within the team, building on diversity and difference
  • Team dynamics that include the way the team functions as a team, collaborating to achieve more together than they can individually
  • Team task, mission, and intent that includes the team’s collective purpose and joint processes to deliver what is expected of them as a team
  • Stakeholder interfaces that include the nature of the team’s relationships with all their stakeholders
  • Wider systemic environment that include the impact of the Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Legal, and Environmental influences
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High Potential Identification

Despite being the future leaders of an organization, the “potential” that makes an individual high potential is frequently underleveraged in the face of tactical execution and day-to-day firefighting. These employees need to be identified, nurtured, and groomed, which makes giving them feedback, stretch assignments, and leadership development absolutely essential. Otherwise, they will pursue career opportunities elsewhere.

Our high potential program adheres to the following best-in-class practices:

  • Design of high-potential assessment process, including defining context (e.g., “Potential for what?”) and in-scope roles/levels
  • Facilitated assessment by highly experienced organizational psychologists and leadership consultants
  • Stakeholder results debriefs, including trends at individual and aggregate levels as well as follow-on recommendations
  • One-on-one participant debriefs to review results and discuss content for Leadership Acceleration Plans

Results easily feed into and support an organization’s existing talent development programs or can be used as the foundation for bespoke workshops.

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Due Diligence

Without the appropriate assessments, PE firms and other investors have no better than chance at selecting the right leaders to help reach their investment objectives. Research and experience have consistently demonstrated that structured and objective due diligence around executive team capabilities leads to superior outcomes. Our 4-step due diligence process includes:

  • Analyzing the target roles to identify relevant business and leadership challenges, unique cultural factors, and key responsibility areas;
  • Evaluating the members of the leadership team via online personality, cognitive ability, and learning agility assessments as well as behavioral and career interviews;
  • Conducting in-depth debriefs with stakeholders on individual and team results as well as 1:1 development and action planning sessions with each leader; and
  • Facilitating the transition through individual and team development, coaching, and training as well as on-boarding of new leaders.

For more information about how we can support your leadership development goals, please contact us:

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