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Mitigate Pro has been specifically designed with those who may not be risk experts in mind. No more viewing risk management as a chore or puzzling, esoteric jargon that’s difficult to relate to day-to-day management. Risk is now immediately relevant as are the proposed steps and investments needed to respond to those risks.

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Monetizes Risk

Mitigate Pro estimates aggregated financial exposure for every risk and then uses an algorithm to correlate that cost with business impact and likelihood. It introduces confidence ratings and accountability for risk valuations, which can be evaluated and amended by management. Mitigate Pro then monitors changes in financial risk exposure over time and assesses the actual financial impact of mitigation measures on the risk itself - automatically generating risk appetite statements. Mitigate Pro generates risk management budgets to allow organizations to understand the effectiveness of their investment to manage risk and identify where they are not doing enough or doing too much.

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Encouraging cooperation through quantifying financial impact

Mitigate Pro encourages different departments across organizations to step out of their silos and engage with each other on risk management impacts by quantifying the financial impact of a risk. This encourages users to cooperate and engage with other parts of the business to understand the business and financial impacts of a risk.

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Urgency to Mitigate

Underpinning Mitigate Pro is the concept of Urgency to Mitigate (UTM). We have developed an algorithm that ensures weighted assessments of different risk evaluation criteria, which then measures risk against other risk.

This produces a UTM score that recognizes that the risks are relative and that helps organizations to prioritize their response to risk. So, no esoteric risk scores or best guess ‘High’, ‘Medium’, ‘Low’ assessments. UTM scores solves that problem.

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Customizable, dynamic risk management dashboards

Risk cannot be brought to life if you cannot see risk data in a way that is relevant to you and the decisions you are responsible for. Mitigate Pro produces dynamic aggregated graphical interfaces that truly bring risk to life.

Fully customizable and built with risk managers and users in mind, Mitigate Pro provides automatic aggregated analysis of all risk management data and risk management performance. This is available anywhere anytime through a secure online hosted platform. Say goodbye to spreadsheets!

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Project Manangement

Risk management requires actual management otherwise its worthless. Mitigate Pro utilizes an easy-to-use project management interface to plan and assign tasks, set dates and schedule reviews. Everything it verifiable, trackable and, therefore, accountable. Individual’s risk performance can then be tracked and reviewed in real time. Risk will never be at the bottom of the to-do list again.

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Virtual Risk Assistant

Imagine having a dedicated risk assistant who reminded you what you and your team need to do to manage risk. Mitigate Pro does this. It prepares natural language email updates that manage, remind, and encourage risk engagement. Staff will see their risk agenda and priorities for the week and areas that need focus. Management will get alerted if risk performance falls below expectations and outside of approved risk appetite.

We can help you get it done

Customer Support – We’re here to help you get the most out of Mitigate Pro. As a subscriber, we offer education and training to members of your organization and an escalation of technical issues to your assigned Account Manager or Technical Support.

Dedicated Account Manager – Your go to in managing Mitigate Pro and a partner in helping you make it work for your business. Your account manager is responsible for your Mitigate Pro experience from start to finish, including on-boarding with a detailed implementation plan and being a go-to for any product questions.

Risk Consultants to Support Your Team – We have experienced risk consultants who are available to provide support to your team when risks are identified, in everything from project implementation to ad hoc projects the business requires

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