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OrgShakers are not only leading practitioners in our individual areas of expertise. We also share a quality which we’ve found is increasingly rare in the world of business consultancy – we like each other, and we enjoy what we do. This creates an informal and inclusive environment where ideas are freely shared, energetically explored, and sometimes robustly challenged. In other words, an environment where we can shake things up a bit!

Prism is a patented psychometric assessment which is delivered via a simple 30-minute online questionnaire and measures 54 key traits and attributes across six integrated factors:

Fi Elections
  • Personality/Personality Under Pressure
  • Processing
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • Motivation
  • Fundamental Needs

To watch a brief video which brings to life how Odgers Berndtson are using Prism to create differentiated and high-value executive onboarding experience, CLICK HERE.

To try it for yourself, simply provide us with the following details:

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