Contact Alisa:

Alisa Cardenas is a dynamic leader in Compensation and Total Rewards bringing nearly 15 years of experience to the table within supply chain, healthcare, automotive, technology and hospitality organizations.

Alisa has deep expertise in global compensation where she has led the development of transformational best-in-class compensation programs for market leading global corporations improving workforce engagement and enhancing key talent retention. Her knowledge spans job architecture creation, career framework development, incentive plan benchmarking and design, global mobility program management, development of compensation guidelines, policies, training, and communications.

Prior to her consulting career, she was the head of global compensation for a global multinational corporation leading large-scale harmonization projects across the compensation and rewards space. She is well versed in incentive program design including annual bonus programs, project incentives and sales compensation plans. Her work in sales compensation plan design has been recognized as being vital in accelerating the commercial business strategy and optimizing sales performance.

Throughout her career, Alisa has worked across organizations, collaborating, leading, and championing the adoption of new programs, initiatives and technology develop high performing organizations, improving the employee experience and enabling organizations to become more proactive, resilient and customer/guest focused.

Alisa is a savvy business leader with Human Capital at the core. As a Rewards and Compensation Senior Consultant with OrgShakers, she approaches her work with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, approachability, energy, and a fresh perspective. She is committed to partnering with human capital and business leaders to balance the strategy and needs of the business with meaningful investments in the workforce that empower people to do their best work.

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