Contact Brittany:

Brittany is a visionary, strategic thinker known for her ability to create order out of chaos, dig into complex challenges, and create processes that drive growth, open-up capacity, and allow for focus on the bigger picture.

She has led teams at both start-up organizations and well-established companies blending her experiences from both in her work.

A skilled communicator, Brittany received her Bachelor’s in Communication – Rhetoric from East Tennessee State University and her 10+ years of corporate experience spans a variety of sectors including consumer goods, automotive, government contracting, and manufacturing industries.

Brittany excels at pioneering new initiatives and thrives in new and unchartered territory. Her interdisciplinary and systems-thinking allows her to synthesize complex data, approach things differently, and identify the straightest path to achieve the goal – all while removing obstacles that would hinder teams from achieving results. She enjoys taking a hands-on approach to collaborate, mentor, and drive growth across teams by understanding the present strengths and opportunities, then leveraging them to their fullest potential.

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