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Kim has spent over twenty years as a strategist in advisory and C-suite roles. Her area of specialization is strategic transformation and change, with a focus on board effectiveness, CEO-board strategic engagement, and C-suite strategic planning. She is responsible for helping clients implement high-impact organization transformation solutions, including Board advisory, culture and talent strategy, succession planning and strategy development.

Kim’s decade of experience with McKinsey equipped her with a set of robust strategy tools, which she applied across numerous industries including telecommunications, financial services, and the public sector. Her practice focus was on organizational transformation and change management, which she translated into a spectrum of client contexts from call centres to C-suite teams. In addition to her client work, Kim also led the design and implementation of leadership development programs for the team of consultants at McKinsey.

Kim’s most recent executive role was as the Chief Strategy Officer at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority. As part of her mandate, she was responsible for Long Range Infrastructure Planning, and served as the Interim Chief Human Resources Officer during the organization’s transition to a new CEO. Prior to the GTAA, Kim held executive and C-suite roles at the Bank of Montreal, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

As a strategy advisor, Kim is known for her critical thinking and ability to advance clarity and unity across complex strategic and multi-stakeholder contexts. Her clients value her as a pragmatic strategic coach who can work collaboratively to create real-time solutions, and who can support them in building diplomatic alignment across the diverse set of deeply experienced leaders with whom they work.

Kim also serves as the Chair of the Governance/ESG and Human Resources Committee for several boards of Instar Asset Management, an independent alternative asset management firm with an emphasis on North American middle-market opportunities in the infrastructure sector, and other alternative real asset categories.

She holds a PhD in Biomechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Chemical Engineering, both from the University of Toronto. She is based in Toronto, Ontario.

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