Alisa Cardenas

Alisa is a dynamic leader in Compensation and Total Rewards, with a deep expertise in global compensation. Her knowledge spans job architecture creation, career framework development, incentive plan benchmarking and design, global mobility program management, development of compensation guidelines, policies, training, and communications.

Fi Equal Pay
14th March 2023

Equal Pay Vs. Equitable Pay: What Do Employers Need to Know

Equal Pay Day comes around every year to shed light on the fact that pay disparities are still very much present – women working full-time in the US are still only paid 83% of what men earn for the same job. But for employers to successfully address pay disparity, they first must understand the differences […]

Fi Compensation Iq
13th January 2023

Improving Compensation IQ to Win Over Talent in 2023 

As we enter the new year, many employers are conducting end of year pay reviews for their employees. This year’s pay trends are likely to differ from previous ones due to a variety of factors which may influence how leaders and workers approach their compensation strategy in the coming twelve months. Considering that a recent […]

Fi 1 Countdown Bonuses 2
13th December 2022

How to give a Holiday Bonus on a Budget

The holiday bonus is carrying a lot more weight this year. With financial concerns at an all-time high, many employees may find themselves eager to receive an additional monetary gift more than ever this holiday season. And while WorkNest found that nearly a third (30%) of employers are planning on giving staff one-off bonuses, this […]

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