Anya Clitheroe

As a consultant, Anya partners with companies to fully optimize their human capital at both the organization and individual level. Her particular areas of focus include Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, High Performing Teams, Change Management, Talent Management and Employee Engagement.

Fi Coach Mentor Balance
24th January 2023

Finding the Balance Between Coaching and Mentoring

As coaching continues to grow and many organizations are increasingly happy to invest in bringing in external coaches, the reach of this valuable tool can be significantly increased when we also take time to build the coaching capability of managers. Research from an ICF Global Coaching Study found that 99% of workers who had been […]

Fi Imposter Syndrome
06th January 2023

The Trials and Tribulations of Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome has sadly been a popular term going around recently. After having to navigate working through a pandemic and now adapting to the new normal of hybrid and remote work, many employers and employees have found themselves feeling somewhat out of their depth. A YouGov survey of 2,500 UK workers found imposter syndrome to […]

Fi Coaching Online
02nd March 2022

Online coaching – disruption or dilution?

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. This was my initial reaction to a recent article by Josh Bersin, Online coaching is so hot it’s now disrupting leadership development, where he explores how AI is transforming the way coaching is delivered – and to whom. Now, I believe in the power of AI and […]

Fi Covid Coaching
15th June 2020

Coaching During Covid

A number of people asked me whether the shift to virtual working, due to the ‘Stay At Home’ orders, meant a big change for me as a coach. Honestly, the answer is no. Maybe some coaches have the joy of in-person sessions being the norm, but the global nature of the majority of my clients […]

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