Ken Merritt

Fi Skeptical
27th November 2023

Why Executives Should Replace Skepticism with a Risk Management Mindset

A lot of the time (but not always!), skepticism is construed as managing risk. Personally, I believe that skepticism has become a mindset that has gained major footing in American culture. It’s like a screen that colors our daily sentiment.  We are weighed down by it, and a lot of the time will approach a […]

Fi Cfo Invest In Success
30th May 2023

The Undeveloped CFO’s Key to Success

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) plays a pivotal role for their organization – they are typically seen as the second most important person in a company, and oftentimes find themselves having to juggle enterprise transformational dynamics, lead functional business partner teams, as well as pursue their own personal goals. The problem that many companies end […]

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