Lauren Kincaid

Lauren has a track record of transforming organizations to improve performance and shareholder value. Having lived and worked in the U.S., Europe and Australasia, she has a global perspective and an ability to operate across multiple industries, geographies and cultures.

Fi Optimizing Hiring
08th August 2023

It’s a Date! Optimizing Your Recruitment Process to Attract the Best Talent

The effectiveness of an employer’s hiring process is often overlooked. And yet, this is the first real interaction a potential employee has with your company – in many ways, it echoes the setting for a first date. Both parties are trying to present the best versions of themselves, in the hopes that there is enough […]

Fi Graduate Path
21st February 2022

Guiding Students after Graduation

Before you know it, graduation will be approaching. Many of those graduating may not have their first job prospects leaving them feeling anxious as their peers will begin the workforce right after. What do you suggest to your upcoming graduate? Is there an approach you can take? What if you say something wrong to them […]

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