Liz Huldin

Known for translating complex problems into easily understood ideas and strategies, Liz is a trusted advisor to start ups, family businesses and a diverse group of senior leaders across public and private businesses.

Fi Non Compete
09th February 2023

No More Non-Competes? This is Why Employers Shouldn’t Panic

At the beginning of January, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed a new law that would ban the use of non-compete clauses, as well as rescind any previously signed agreements.  This may seem like a drastic change – especially with nearly a third (31.8%) of employers making all their employees sign a non-compete – but the banning of these clauses […]

Fi Connecting Leaders
16th September 2022

Management Training: Keeping up with the Changing Workforce

It is no secret that the workforce is changing, and with these changes comes a sharper focus on attraction and retention strategies. But between flexible working schedules and varying benefit schemes, employers are overlooking a key process that can help optimize their ability to secure the talent they have – management training. Managers play a […]

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