Marty Belle

With over 30 years’ HR experience, Marty is skilled in the alignment of People strategy with business strategy to drive the productivity and employee engagement required to deliver bottom line results.

Fi Black History 2024
02nd February 2024

Racism in the Modern Workplace: How to Challenge Microaggressions 

Black History Month creates space for all to reflect on the struggle of Black Americans and Black people across the world to get to where they are today. Battling through constant, overt oppression to be able to have the same rights that were automatically extended to their white counterparts has made it possible for Black […]

Fi Conflict Resolution
19th October 2023

Navigating the Conflicting Values of a Diverse Workforce

Having a diverse workforce is a great thing for business; diversity in life experiences and perspectives open up new doors for healthy debate and potential innovation that will expand the economic horizons of an organization, resulting in higher performance and greater shareholder value. However, having a diverse workforce can sometimes lead to inevitable conflict and […]

Fi Black Leaders Awareness Day
18th July 2023

This is What Employers Need to be Doing to Pave the Path for Black Leaders

Last year, Ketanji Brown Jackson made history as she became the first Black woman to sit on the Supreme Court. And while her experience, expertise, and skill all warrant her place there, none of this would have even truly been taken into consideration if President Biden hadn’t nominated her. It can be somewhat bittersweet, as […]

Fi Mens Day
16th June 2023

Eradicating the Taboos of Men’s Health at Work

It might surprise you to discover that according to estimates, half of all premature male deaths are considered preventable. This is largely influenced by the fact that men are up to 50% less likely to seek medical attention in comparison to women, and this normalization of neglect is reflected in a higher mortality rate. And […]

Fi Talk About Time
20th February 2023

Employers! It’s Time to Talk About Time

Time and time again, the hours in the day can prove to be elusive. Many of us may find ourselves asking, where did the time go? when we look up from our desk and suddenly see that the sky has darkened. What’s interesting about this is, a lot of employees are now much more aware […]

Fi Black History Month Uk
01st February 2023

The Importance of Black History Month in the Workplace

Black History Month aims to recognize the achievements of Black people and their contributions made to history, and this year in the UK, the celebrations are centred around the contributions of black women, as well as coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush. First celebrated in the UK in 1987, […]

Fi 1 Countdown Inclusion 2
01st December 2022

‘Tis the Season: How can Employers be Inclusive to all Festivities?

Often times, the mention of December will most likely be identified with Christmas – lights go up, grottos come out, employers across all sectors begin preparing for the rush of commercialism that accompanies this time of year. But in reality, Christmas is just one of many festivities that is celebrated in December. And yet many […]

Fi 1 Diversity 2
23rd November 2022

What Role does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Play for the US Employer?

To gain insight on the role Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) currently plays for US employers, we spoke with Conrad Woody, Managing Partner of Odgers Berndston’s Washington Office, and Marty Belle, Partner at OrgShakers. “I would say in the US, the topic has always been more performative than really heartfelt,” Marty reflected. “For the majority […]

Fi Likeable Leaders
06th October 2022

How to Be an Approachable Leader

“People leave managers, not companies,” is the mantra of Marcus Buckingham’s book on leadership[1]. And if I were to simplify this message even further, it would be to this: people are more likely to remain working for leaders that are approachable and inclusive.  In a time where workers are consistently changing jobs, retention strategies have […]

Fi Culture Fit
27th July 2022

Why hiring for culture fit may not be the best way forward

“You will fit in perfectly here” is a phrase that many of us will be familiar with hearing after receiving a new job. And while this is positive, it can make you wonder what employers really mean when they say an employee is a ‘good fit’. Is a ‘good fit’ someone the interviewer feels they […]

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