Natasha Santos

Fi Breastfeeding
16th August 2022

Breastfeeding: A Stigma in the Workplace?

With World Breastfeeding Week coming to a close and National Breastfeeding Awareness Month continuing throughout August in the US, organizations should be ensuring they can provide a positive workplace environment for those nursing that will benefit them all year round. People that are still breastfeeding when returning to work will need to express breast milk […]

Fi You're Fired
07th June 2022

You're FIRED! The ambiguity of the Employment-At-Will doctrine

On a number of occasions in the past I've been asked to fire employees for reasons such as “they are not a cultural fit”, “they are not performing well” and, once, when their boss simply didn't like the color of their shirts. “Fire them”, I was told on each occasion, “it's employment-at-will, right?”  Experienced HR […]

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