Stephanie Rodriguez

An experienced HR generalist, Stephanie’s career has focused on all facets of Human Resources ranging from driving a positive organizational culture, change management, performance management, employee engagement, employee development and training, and more at both start-up businesses and well-established companies.

Fi 85 Percent
04th October 2023

Why the 85:15 Rule Might be the Key to Tackling Burnout

Encouraging individuals to ‘give it 100%’ is a well-worn cliché. But is it actually the best way to optimize personal performance? Those advocating the 85:15 rule – working at 85% capacity and keeping 15% for yourself – would beg to differ. The 85:15 rule is thought to have stemmed from a technique used by Olympian […]

Fi World Breastfeeding Week
01st August 2023

Why Employers Should Be Challenging the Stigma of Breastfeeding at Work

With today marking the start of World Breastfeeding Week, now is the time that organizations should be ensuring they are providing a positive workplace environment for those nursing that will benefit them all year round. People that are still breastfeeding when returning to work will need to express breast milk between 8-10 times over a 24-hour […]

Fi No Shows
22nd June 2023

Interview No-Shows: How Employers Can Avoid Being Ghosted

There’s no sting quite like being stood up. After exchanging various messages, scheduling in a date, and rigorously readying yourself the day of, it can be disappointing to discover that the other person is not coming. While this sounds a lot like the makings of a romantic date, this is in fact in reference to […]

Fi Memorial Day
26th May 2023

How to Optimize Military Veterans Transitioning into the Corporate World

There are over 16 million Veterans in the US, as well as almost 2 million in the UK, and while many of them are of working age, the transition from special forces to the world of work can be a gaping and daunting one. For those who are coming out of service, finding, applying, securing […]

Fi Emma
04th May 2023

How can Employers Support New Mothers Returning to Work?

At the beginning of February, I was fortunate enough to become the mother to a beautiful baby girl. Now, as my maternity leave has come to an end, I am also fortunate enough to be transitioning back into my work very smoothly. A lot of employers may believe that supporting mothers returning to work starts […]

Fi Flexible Leaders
21st September 2022

Better to Bend than Break: Why Leaders Should be Flexible to Change

The ability to be adaptable is becoming gold amongst leaders in the contemporary corporate world. A post-pandemic perspective has seen working life in a continuous state of flux, and if leaders want to stay on top of these shifting conditions, then they need to consider adopting a new, flexible management style. One struggle that leaders […]

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