Therese Procter

Formerly Chief People Officer at a major UK retail bank, Therese is now recognized as a leading advisor and consultant across a range of sectors, including Financial Services, Telecoms, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, Distribution, Construction, and Property.

Fi 1 Countdown Support Staff 2
05th December 2022

Winter Wellness: How to Support Your Staff During the Holidays

The holidays can be a trying time. At a time when you are expected to be jolly, you may find it shameful to feel anything but that. And yet, the reality is that this time of year can be difficult for some of us, for varying reasons. For one thing, loneliness at the holidays is […]

Fi 1 Diversity 1
18th November 2022

What Role can Diversity and Inclusion Play in Navigating the Current UK Climate?

Recently, Sue Johnson, Managing Partner for Inclusion & Diversity Consulting at Odgers Berndston, and OrgShakers’ Partner Therese Procter met to discuss the vital role diversity and inclusion (D&I) plays in helping UK workers navigate through challenging times. “I think there’s a growing unrest at work that’s just bubbling under the surface,” Therese began, going on […]

Fi 1 World Menopause Day
18th October 2022

Celebrating World Menopause Day in HR

I found myself smiling recently as my lovely mum, Nora – who is 84 – declared her absolute exasperation that her doctor had not prescribed her a medication she thought she absolutely should have. So, why was I smiling? Her request had been for hormone replacement therapy – HRT! As I poured us both a […]

Fi Domestic Violence
26th September 2022

The Diversity of Domestic Abuse: How to be Inclusive when Supporting Staff

Simon was 21 years old when he met his girlfriend, and their relationship quickly became serious; the pair had moved in together in a matter of weeks. Eighteen months later, Simon lost his life to this same girl, who his family and work later discovered had been abusing him physically, emotionally, and financially for the entire […]

Fi Working Carers
19th August 2022

Discussion: Making caring visible, valued, and supported

In June Carers Week 2022 published a report highlighting the challenges facing working carers in the UK. To discuss the implications for employers, I brought together Vivek Patni, CEO of care service access provider WeMa, and Max Lintott, UK General Manager of financial wellbeing platform Wagestream. Both WeMa and Wagestream are actively engaged in helping […]

Fi Menopause
29th March 2022

Majority of employers failing to deal with menopause

A YouGov survey of 1,025 HR decision makers working across UK businesses has found that almost three quarters (72%) of businesses do not have a menopause policy. This is despite it being widely accepted that the effects of the menopause can be debilitating for a woman’s physical and psychological wellbeing. Symptoms such as joint pain, […]

Fi Sun Umbrella
28th February 2022

Employees Fight for Financial Freedom

The UK government were calling it ‘Freedom Day’ – the day when all Covid-19 restrictions would be lifted after two long years. To be honest, even though Thursday 24th February was also my birthday, it felt the furthest thing from a Freedom Day that I had ever experienced in my HR  career. As one newspaper […]

Fi Hr Leaders Podcast
02nd December 2021

HR Leaders Podcast - Midlife Workers

In this episode of the HR Leaders podcast, Chris Rainey is joined by Therese Procter of OrgShakers and Vivek Patni, CEO and Co-Founder WeMa. With one-third of the workforce now over the age of 50, their focus for discusion is how organizations can optimize this often overlooked pool of talent. Copyright OrgShakers: The global HR […]

Fi Midlife Workers 2
18th October 2021

Ignorance may be bliss – but this affects us all

Midlife is a pivotal period in our life journey. It can suck – or rock! Neither well defined nor well understood, Midlife is described simply as ‘the time between youth and old age’.  A time which is often associated with stress and crisis – especially for women. I can relate to this, but there are […]

Fi Midlife Workers
20th July 2021

Midlife Working: The best is yet to come

Life expectancy is increasing, and by 2040 this is projected to rise to the age of 85. That’s great news for me personally as I am now in my 50’s, but as an HR professional I’m also thinking about what these projections mean in the workplace – and what I should be focussing on for […]

Fi Golf
25th May 2021

Don’t let anybody mess with your swing!

Phil Mickelson stunned the golf world on Sunday when he finished off his win in the PGA Championship to become, at 50, the oldest golfer ever to win a major championship. He finished the event shooting six under par. After his win, praise flooded in from across not just the golf community, but from other […]

Fi Redundancy
10th September 2020

Managing redundancies with dignity and compassion

Most of us will have experienced the impact of redundancy at some point in our lives – if not directly, then through a friend or family member. It is one of the most intensely stressful events that an individual will ever experience, ranking closely with divorce, serious illness, and the death of a close relative […]

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