Andy Parsley

Andy advises senior HR leaders in the areas of employee insight (i.e.: the meaningful interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data), HR strategy development, and internal and external communications.

Fi Surprises In 2023
03rd January 2023

What’s Going to ‘Surprise’ Us in 2023 that We Already Half Know?

As we venture into this new year, none of us can be sure what the future holds. However, with ‘unprecedented’ events becoming commonplace this decade, there are sure to be more than a few surprises in store for employers over the next 12-months. But the truth about ‘surprises’ is that very often we will have […]

Fi 1 2023 Countdown Solstice 2
21st December 2022

The Flip Side: How Employers can Effectively Implement Change

Today is the Winter Solstice – the longest day and the official start of the coldest season of the year. So, would it surprise you to know that in a couple of weeks’ time the Earth will be at the CLOSEST point in its orbit to the Sun? In other words, that we’re nearer to our […]

Fi 1 Desk Bomb
15th November 2022

What are Lockdown Legacy Behaviors?

Since being free of the pandemic’s grip, there has been a noticeable change in our approach to many things – including how we do our jobs. Remote working introduced us to a range of new day-to-day experiences, some of which challenged working practices we had regarded as ‘normal’ for decades. I like to call these […]

Fi Cost Of Living 2
03rd October 2022

Podcast: Cost of Living Crisis – How can businesses help?

The recent Wagestream Cost of Living Report 2022 has found that close to all UK employees (96%) have seen their living costs rise and, as a result, 70% now worry more about money. Three quarters (76%) of those worrying more have seen their mental health decline. Unsurprisingly, therefore, one in five (19%) of those who […]

Fi Age Diversity
08th July 2022

Age Diversity: A missed opportunity?

In both the US and the UK employers are waking up to the fact that the workforce is ageing. And they should, because for the first time in history, over 1/3rd of the working population are over 50! There is growing evidence, however, that organizations on both sides of the Atlantic are failing to act. […]

Fi Iwd 2022
09th March 2022

FREE Coaching for #IWD2022

To make a difference for International Women’s Day 2022, OrgShakers’ leadership coaches are proud to offer FREE 1-hour one-on-one online sessions to women professionals throughout the whole of March. To book your FREE 1-hour one-on-one online coaching session CLICK HERE.

Fi Forbes Piece
01st June 2021

Taking the long view of current skills shortages

As the world’s major economies begin their journey out of the pandemic, OrgShakers’ Andy Parsley warns in this Forbes interview that employers are “bouncing back into a labor market at least as tight as it was before Covid.” Dealing with this will require organizations to think about the longer-term impact of the actions they take […]

Fi Iwd 2021
08th March 2021

International Women's Day 2021

To book your FREE 1-hour one-on-one online coaching session CLICK HERE. And for organizations looking to shake up Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in their workplace, CLICK HERE to find out more about how OrgShakers can help. Copyright OrgShakers: The global HR consultancy for workplace transformation founded by David Fairhurst in 2020

Fi Ai Video
12th January 2021

Using AI to give employers the answers they need

Ask any economist, and they will tell you that data is fast becoming the most valuable resource in the global economy. Which means that, with most organizations practically swimming in employee data, the HR function can dream of a future where it is able to create previously unimaginable value through its People Strategies. This video […]

Fi Therese Cipd Announcement
07th January 2021

OrgShaker's Therese Procter recognised with top award

Congratulation to OrgShaker’s Therese Procter for being awarded Chartered Companion status of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) … the highest level of recognition in the world of HR and people development. The CIPD's select group of Chartered Companions are exceptional leaders who have a proven track record within organisations and have […]

Fi 2021 New Year
04th January 2021

Shaking things up in 2021

As we look back to the receding horror of 2020 and the misery and fear it brought to so many, we must also recognise the flexibility and resourcefulness demonstrated by countless organisations and their employees in rising to the challenges created by Covid-19. Today it is clear that the pandemic served to accelerate workplace changes […]

Fi Excellence In Leadership
20th November 2020

Shaking the Foundations of the Talent Ecosystem

For decades, the Talent Ecosystem which drives the global economy has faced disruption from five powerful forces: Technology & Automation; Demographic Change; Social Justice & Diversity; Environment & Sustainability; and the Physical & Mental Wellbeing of employees. At different times, each has driven fundamental change in the way organisations are structured and led – and […]

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