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What We’re Reading: When She’s in the Room by Edwina Dunn

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07th May 2024

This month, we have picked up a copy of Edwina Dunn’s latest book, When She’s in the Room: How Empowering Women Empowers the World.

Edwina is a pioneering and successful leader in the data industry – famed for co-founding dunnhumby, which revolutionized the retail and consumer goods industry through its role in creating the Tesco Clubcard and other global loyalty programs. Edwina now leads her campaign, The Female Lead, which focuses on celebrating the achievements and diversity of women who shape our world.

Edwina’s latest book captures her wealth of experience and transforms it into this data-driven guide to challenging the status quo and creating a roadmap for a more equitable world.

Women have always been subject to being forgotten, unseen, overlooked, and under-appreciated, but Edwina has drawn upon her knowledge of research and data collection to present clear solutions, models, and simple actions that can have noticeable and positive impacts on the lives of women and men.

She outlines the changes that women want to see in themselves, in business, in education, and in government, and dares to wonder what the world might look like if it was okay for women to truly embrace their ambition and nurture their drive.

By acknowledging the inequality that exists, employers, educators, and policy makers will be able to start shaping society into a better and more equitable place, which will lead to a more fulfilling life and workplace for all. And the first step is realizing that women are not secondary characters by any means and should be empowered to find their potential in leadership and decision-making roles.

If you would like to discuss how we can help bolster your diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies to unlock the potential of all of your workforce, please get in touch with us.

In the meantime, make sure you grab a copy of When She’s in the Room; you can purchase it here in the US and here in the UK.

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