Brittany Burton

Brittany is a visionary, strategic thinker known for her ability to create order out of chaos, dig into complex challenges, and create processes that drive growth, open-up capacity, and allow for focus on the bigger picture.

Fi Employers Giving Back
08th September 2023

Employers Who Give Back, Get Back: How to Engage Your Team with Charity Work

Companies who make a point to support and work with charities are not only contributing positively to the wider community, but are also making a smart business move. It was discovered that those businesses that donate over 0.5% of turnover were twice as likely to report enhancements in company reputation, and were nearly 50% more […]

Fi Boomerang
06th July 2023

Out With the Old, in With the Old: What Employers Need to Consider When Hiring a Boomerang Employee

Now, I’m sure we have all been guilty of talking to an ex before. The two of you have history, you understand each other on a fundamental level, so sometimes, you find yourself considering whether that initial decision you made to leave was the wrong one. Well, this social trend seems to be translating into […]

Fi 4 Ripple Effect
07th June 2023

Navigating the Murky Waters of Layoffs and Their Ripple Effects

Looming fears of a recession, as well as the effects from record high inflation rates, have seen a surge in layoffs over the last year. And while navigating the legalities and sensitivities that accompany laying off employees, employers also have to think about how they can effectively manage the ripple effects that these reductions to […]

Fi Time Off Work
20th April 2023

Is There Such a Thing as Real ‘Time Off’ Work?

After recently examining the reality of unlimited paid time off (PTO), it got me thinking about the concept of ‘time off work’ as a whole. Having true time off work would (or should) mean that for the time that an employee has opted to take off, their responsibilities should be covered by another member of […]

Fi Holiday Allowances
30th March 2023

Does Offering Unlimited Paid Time Off Actually Pay Off?

An employer’s paid time off (PTO) policy is critical when it comes to attracting new talent – a recent study found that PTO was the second most compelling benefit a company could offer. This can inevitably lead to the consideration of unlimited PTO. It is already a particularly popular policy amongst US tech, media, and […]

Fi Fairytales
22nd February 2023

Once Upon a Time in HR…

By Brittany Burton and Victoria Sprenger Once upon a time, three young women found themselves struggling at work. Tired, isolated, and cold, the three were in need of support from their employers during these trying times: “Burnout Beauty” The first of our tales follows a young professional named Aurora. In wake of her company’s compensation […]

Fi 1 Countdown Staff Party 2
07th December 2022

Getting Jolly With It: Top Tips for Employers Hosting a Holiday Staff Party

As the festive season settles, whispers of the staff holiday party will begin to circulate. A tradition amongst many companies, it is a chance for managers and team members alike to spend some sociable time together without the pressures of work. It can be a great night, but to ensure there are no incoming HR […]

Fi Cost Of Living
30th August 2022

How to Support Employee Wellbeing as a Small Business

With the cost of living continuing to rise, supporting the wellbeing of staff has been at the forefront of employers’ minds. According to a LendingClub report, 64% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck in 2022, so organizations are trying to support their employees financially wherever they can. But if you are a small business […]

Fi Startups
17th March 2022

How Consultants Add Value for Startups

Throughout my career I've found myself gravitating towards startup assignments. I'm a builder, so I find creating a business from scratch and calming the chaos extremely fulfilling. Entrepreneurs who have chosen to create, develop, and execute a service or product are, by necessity, focused on growing the business. External consultants, on the other hand, can […]

Fi Great Resignation
12th October 2021

Great Resignation: Are you CHARMing your employees?

Rise to the challenge of #TheGreatResignation by CHARM-ing your people. More than 15-million people have quit their jobs since April 2021, and there’s no way of knowing if this the exodus is temporary – or a long term shift in how people manage their careers. Organizations can take control, however, by understanding why employees are […]

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