Joanna Tippins

Fi Midlife Coaching Ap
17th June 2024

How Coaching can Create Learning and Development Opportunities for Midlife Workers

There’s often a misconception that older workers are ‘set in their ways’ and less adaptable to change – and yet, research shows that around 30% of people who are 55 and over actively want to improve their skills but feel unable to ask for help. Pair this with the fact that 34% of these employees […]

Fi Friends At Work
28th July 2023

How Important is Friendship in the Workplace?

Workplace friendships can be joyous, enduring relationships contributing to personal and professional success. It’s how we manage them that matter. Regularly spending time with the same people is likely to result in platonic relationships forming. Such friendships can foster innovation and psychological safety, as well as encourage collaboration, adaptability, vulnerability, healthy competition, and humility – […]

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