Amanda Holland

Amanda advises executives in workforce readiness and the future of work, people strategy, and the integration of workforce, knowledge, and data with strategic direction.

Fi Psycho Safety
02nd May 2024

Psychological Safety at Work: Where Do Employers Start?

Health and safety in the workplace has always been paramount, but in recent years the agenda of health and safety has evolved. This is because in the post-COVID era, many employers have realized that psychological safety plays an important role in optimizing team and organization performance. This sentiment is echoed by the workforce; an overwhelming […]

Fi Hybrid Dress Code(1)
29th January 2024

Do Companies Need a Hybrid Dress Code?

Working in a remote or hybrid setting has entered the mainstream for the world of work.  Navigating applications like Zoom and Teams has become routine, water cooler chats rely on DM, and family members or pets are a common sight while working. That said, there are still the occasional mishaps. For example: A few years […]

Fi Leader Impression
13th December 2023

The Best Leaders are Planning Their Exit from Day One

With the average turnover rate for leadership roles at an unprecedented 18%, now is the time when these new leaders should briefly step back from thinking about where they are going next and, instead, take a moment to consider what they will be leaving behind. What leadership impression will you be leaving in your wake? […]

Fi Affirmation
17th October 2023

Having Affirmation Cravings? Here’s How to be an Effective Extrinsically Motivated Leader

After recently gaining my Prism Certification from SurePeople, I was struck by this thought: how do leaders who are particularly motivated by external validation bring their best? Being recognized for one’s efforts is something that a lot of us enjoy, regardless of our position in a company. Not only is it nice to be validated, […]

Fi Brain Drain
13th September 2023

How Can the Public Sector Manage Institutional Brain Drain?

It is no secret that the public sector is struggling to attract and retain talent. Attrition is increasing and workers across the US, UK and beyond are engaging in strikes over better pay and better working conditions. The public sector is taking a huge hit when it comes to talent. As an HR professional, these […]

Fi Productivity Paranoia
12th July 2023

How Can Employers Shake Productivity Paranoia?

Hybrid and remote work have been the talk of the town the last few years. This highly successful alternative work style is a fantastic demonstration of corporate perseverance, resilience, and adaptability. And yet, while many businesses have been operating like this since 2020, a recent study from Microsoft found 85% of leaders said the shift […]

Fi Perfect Manager
19th May 2023

Profile of a Perfect Leader

Overview: Leaders play a pivotal role in any organization, and can be the difference between a company that thrives and a company that falters. It is worrying to see that 43% of workers have left a job at some point in their career because of their manager. And more than half of workers (53%) who […]

Fi Stress Management At Executive Level
06th April 2023

Leveraging Stress in the C-Suite

Today’s economic and social climate plays a big role in perpetuating stress in the workplace. Executives who know how to leverage personal pressure while effectively managing stressed employees possess a vital skillset, particularly in a cost-of-living or organizational identity crisis. For example, leaders who successfully practice healthy personal habits and foster wellbeing in their organization’s […]

Fi Neurodiversity
16th March 2023

Moving Beyond the Norm: Neurodiversity at Work

Work can be an intimidating and frustrating experience for neurodivergent individuals, as they can struggle to fit in with coworkers and adhere to organizational culture expectations. Conversely, employers and colleagues can feel challenged when working with neurodivergent team members. Through awareness and a few workplace changes, the benefits connected to a neurodiverse workforce can be […]

Fi Chief Remote Officer
18th January 2023

Is 2023 the Year of the Chief Remote Officer?

With the pandemic altering the fundamental structure of work, many employers have been wading through several stages of grief as they realize there is no “returning to normal” and remote/hybrid working models are here to stay. As we venture into a new year – three years after the pandemic began – employers appear to be […]

Fi 1 Tightrope
20th October 2022

Walking the Tightrope: How Can HR Find a Balance Between Employer and Employee Needs?

HR teams can find themselves in a crossfire between employer and employee. At first blush, the HR department recruits, enables, and fosters employee growth, and so would appear as a service for the people. And yet, contrary to this, it is those in the higher leadership ranks who regularly seek HR counsel and guidance and […]

Fi Quiet Leadership
13th September 2022

Are you a ‘Quiet Leader’?

Have you ever heard the phrase “quiet leaders”? This is a leadership style whose description may seem much more familiar than its name.  Quiet leaders can be described as “managers who apply modesty, restraint, and tenacity to solve particularly difficult problems.” (Lagace, M.)  Badaracco (2003) explains, “Everyday work life is full of right-versus-right decisions. In […]

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