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Shaking the Foundations of the Talent Ecosystem

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20th November 2020

For decades, the Talent Ecosystem which drives the global economy has faced disruption from five powerful forces: Technology & Automation; Demographic Change; Social Justice & Diversity; Environment & Sustainability; and the Physical & Mental Wellbeing of employees.

At different times, each has driven fundamental change in the way organisations are structured and led – and in the skills and working practices employees need to acquire. Today, however, these five disruptors are acting simultaneously to create forces which are shaking the foundations of the global Talent Ecosystem like never before.

In this session first presented at the Excellence in Leadership 2020 Summit, David Fairhurst and Andy Parsley explore the impact this interaction will have on the future workplace – and outline the ways in which progressive organisations are currently developing the leadership capabilities and people practices they will need to seize the opportunities created by these seismic changes.