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Leap Into HR Consulting by Sarah Hamilton-Gill

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22nd November 2022

We recently came across Sarah Hamilton-Gill’s outstanding book – Leap Into HR Consulting – which chronicles the journey a corporate HR professional can take into consulting.

As a global HR consultancy company where most of us have come from corporate backgrounds ourselves, we recognised the quality of the guidance being offered in this book. And, while the content is primarily aimed at those looking to step away from the corporate world, we can also see how the advice Sarah offers could prove valuable to any HR practitioner who is looking to enhance their skills as an in-house advisor or business partner.

The book itself is divided into four key parts – Part 1, subtitled ‘Why you, why now?’, explores the ins-and-outs of consulting as a role and tells the reader everything they need to know about what consulting will bring, to ultimately help figure out whether it is the right move for them.

Part 2 then covers Sarah’s ‘From Corporate to Consulting Model’, which goes into detail on the five Cs – Confidence, Clarity, Credibility, Collaboration and Courage. Here the reader is taken through each stage individually to highlight the mental and physical challenges of entering the life of consultancy.

This is then expertly interwoven with Sarah’s own personal stories and decision-making process in Part 3, ‘Preparing to Leave the Corporate World’. The reader is shown when the best time is for someone to make this change from a financial and personal-life perspective, taking into consideration all potential risks and hurdles in order to determine at what point the smoothest transition can occur.

This is all then solidified in the final part, ‘Living the Dream: The Next Level’, in which the author shares a range of honest stories from other HR consultants, chronicling their journeys and highlighting what can be achieved in such a short amount of time.

In addition, the book has designated spaces at each point for personal reflections that can be jotted down as you read along, allowing you to gather your thoughts and plan whilst learning about the journey into consultancy. There are also a range of downloadable practical exercises and documents that accompany the content, which can be used over and over again and can be found in the book’s very last pages.

So, if you have been considering taking a leap into the world of consulting – either as an independent or in-house practitioner – this is the perfect read.

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