Adam Scopp

As our Editorial Assistant, Adam’s role is to capture the team’s latest thought-leadership in a way which creates compelling and inspiring content.

Fi Zoom Fatigue
26th January 2023

Cameras On Vs. Cameras Off: The Rise of Zoom Fatigue

Zoom Fatigue refers to feelings of tiredness, worry or burnout due to the overuse of video calling platforms. To help those who fall victim to this, we first need to understand what’s driving it. It has become a norm for employers to ask their team to have their cameras turned on during a meeting. Whether […]

Fi Quiet Hiring
20th January 2023

‘Quiet’ This, ‘Quiet’ That: Is it Time to Stop Being so Quiet?

There has been a bit of a theme emerging in the world of work. First it was the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon that swept across the 2022 workplace landscape. Hot on its heels came the trend for ‘quiet firing’ which emerged in response to workers quietly quitting. And so, to the newest edition – ‘quiet hiring’. […]

Fi Metaverse
11th January 2023

Is the Metaverse a Solution Looking for a Problem?

Recently, Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg laid off more than 11,000 employees due to a drop in profits, and this saw shares in the company sink by almost 20%. This is all without mentioning the anonymous reviews being left by former Meta employees on Blind – with one of them claiming that “the metaverse will be […]

Fi Cybernese
09th January 2023

Can You Speak ‘Cybernese’?

If you are thinking ‘what on earth is Cybernese?’ you may be surprised to discover that it is a rapidly evolving language that we all need to become fluent in – fast. Because Cybernese is the non-verbal, online language we have all begun to adopt since the mass exodus from the office to remote and […]

Fi 1 2023 Countdown Leave Behind 2
22nd December 2022

What Should Employers Leave in 2022?  

2022 was yet another memorable addition to the 21st century’s ‘roaring twenties’.   With the working world still adapting to the changes that the pandemic brought, as well as the rise of the metaverse and the cost-of-living crisis, there are a lot of things that employers, upon reflection, may want to leave in the past so […]

Fi 1 Diversity 3
25th November 2022

Harnessing the Power of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In discussing the current diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda with thought leaders from the US and the UK, we have gained valuable insights into the way global events are shaping DEI strategy and practice in organizations. A challenge raised in both conversations is that the scope of DEI has undeniably widened, primarily due to […]

Fi 1 Leap Into Consulting
22nd November 2022

Leap Into HR Consulting by Sarah Hamilton-Gill

We recently came across Sarah Hamilton-Gill’s outstanding book – Leap Into HR Consulting – which chronicles the journey a corporate HR professional can take into consulting. As a global HR consultancy company where most of us have come from corporate backgrounds ourselves, we recognised the quality of the guidance being offered in this book. And, […]

Fi 1 Incentive
08th November 2022

Rewards Vs Punishments: Which Way Should Leaders Sway?

Optimizing the performance of teams and individuals is one of the biggest challenges any leader faces. And it comes down to figuring out the approach that your people will best respond to. Rewarding overperformance? Punishing underperformance? Or a bit of both? But which is the way to go? Rewarding overperformance: The behaviourist B.F. Skinner’s operant […]

Fi 1 Creative Remote Working
01st November 2022

Shaking Things Up: Getting Creative with Remote Working

Remote work seems to be here to stay. And if that is the case, then so are the burgeoning social challenges that accompany it. As it stands, around 14% of UK workers are exclusively remote, with nearly double that proportion in the US at 26%. And what seems to be emerging is a growing sense […]

Fi 1 Virtual Presenteeism
28th October 2022

Virtual Presenteeism in the Metaverse

The mass adoption of remote and hybrid working has brought with it concerns around a loss of company culture, a lack of social cohesion and struggles with onboarding. What seems to be emerging as the golden solution to these problems is the metaverse – the virtual reality (VR) space which allows users to interact with […]

Fi 1 Power Skills
13th October 2022

Are Power Skills the Key to Gen Z?

With a post-pandemic wellbeing mindset on the rise, as well as the influx of Generation Z into the workforce, many are starting to realise that a leader’s ability to utilise their soft skills is becoming increasingly valuable. For the most part, hard skills are the ones that have been considered of greatest value to employers, […]

Fi Quiet Firing
28th September 2022

Quiet Firing: Don't Be So Quick to Burn Bridges

‘Quiet quitting’ has been a buzzword in the corporate world recently – staff members are taking back their personal lives by setting boundaries on how much extra effort they put into their work. This has sparked many conversations as to why employees felt the need to quietly quit in the first place, and one such […]

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