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As our Editorial Assistant, Adam’s role is to capture the team’s latest thought-leadership in a way which creates compelling and inspiring content.

Fi Quiet Vacation
12th June 2024

What Can Employers Learn from the ‘Quiet Vacationing’ Phenomenon?

According to The Harris Poll’s Out of Office Culture Report, 37% of millennial workers have admitted to ‘quiet vacationing’ – that is, taking time off without telling their managers under the guise of working remotely. For those getting flashbacks to the days of ‘quiet quitting’, they may be appropriately timed. Much like how quiet quitting […]

Fi Pinkwashing Pride
03rd June 2024

How to Ensure Your LGBTQ+ Inclusion Efforts Don’t Become ‘Pinkwashing’

As Pride Month begins, so does the influx of rainbow logos, Pride-themed merchandise, and many a parade. However, for employers, it’s important to not fall into the trap of ‘pinkwashing’ – that is, the practice of superficially supporting LGBTQ+ causes for marketing purposes without substantial backing or action. To help reduce the risk of pinkwashing, […]

Fi Repost Mandated Rto
31st May 2024

Why Mandated RTO Could Lead to Massive Executive Departures | HR Executive

A third of executives say they would leave their organization if it requires employees to return to the office, compounding HR’s challenge of retaining a strong leadership team, according to a recent Gartner report. The flight risk is concerning because, according to a 2023 Gartner survey of 520 HR leaders across a number of industries and regions, […]

Fi Remote Presenteeism
24th May 2024

‘Feeling Sick? Just Work From Home’…The Rise of Remote Presenteeism

If you are based in the UK, you may have heard the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, declaring that there is a ‘sick note culture’– that is, that too many people are being formally recognized by their family doctors as being too ill to work. But is this true? And if it is, are workers genuinely […]

Fi World Schizophrenia
24th May 2024

Everything Employers Need to Know About Schizophrenia in the Workplace

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental health disorder that affects approximately 24 million people worldwide. There is an array of preconceptions around this disorder, particularly due to the nature in which it is presented in entertainment media, but a lot of these preconceived notions do not accurately reflect the experience of someone who has been diagnosed […]

Fi Eap
13th May 2024

Employee Assistance Programs: How Do HR Choose the Right One?

Every year, 12 billion working days are lost worldwide to depression and anxiety, costing the global economy $1 trillion, predominantly due to the debilitating effects they have on productivity. As we continue to see employers make strides towards creating psychologically safe workplace cultures, a key component for supporting the immediate needs of employee wellbeing is […]

Fi Repost Great Renewal
10th May 2024

The Year of the ‘Great Renewal’: 2024 is HR’s Chance to Hit ‘Refresh’ | HR Executive

Workforce trends are often labeled for the social and economic circumstances under which they were created. From the “Great Resignation” during the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic to last year’s “Great Reshuffle,” we have seen multitudes of twists and turns. Though 2024’s workforce trend has yet to be named, I would argue that what […]

Fi Lunch Atop A Skyscraper
29th April 2024

The Evolution of Health and Safety at Work – What’s Next?

Many of us are likely familiar with the famous collection of photographs, Lunch atop a Skyscraper, which depict a group of workers in very precarious – and notably unsafe – positions during the construction of the Empire State Building in 1932. [ Whilst the images are visually stunning, they also highlight a key fact about […]

Fi Overtime Exempt
25th April 2024

Here’s All You Need to Know About the Final White Collar Exemption Rule

On April 23rd, 2024, the US Department of Labor (DOL) announced a finalized rule which will see the minimum compensation levels increasing for the ‘white collar’ exemptions to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) overtime premium pay requirements. The rule will significantly increase the minimum salary threshold for those who work in an executive, […]

Fi Earth Day V1
22nd April 2024

Why Employers Going Green Will Bring in the Green ($$)

In recent years, consumers have become much more environmentally conscious; one report even discovered that 90% of Gen X would be willing to spend an extra 10% or more for sustainable products. This rising concern for the environmental wellbeing of the planet is also having huge effects on the world of work – especially when […]

Fi Loud Quitting(1)
05th April 2024

Move Over Quiet Quitting, ‘Loud Quitting’ Is Taking Centre Stage

Around this time last year, I wrote a piece in response to the rising trends of ‘quiet quitting’, ‘quiet firing’, and ‘quiet hiring’ that begged the question: why are we being so quiet? Why are these issues not being spoken about loudly? In that context, the ‘loud quitting’ phenomenon we are seeing now has been […]

Fi Repost Salaries In Office Working
28th March 2024

US Salaries Surging for Fully In-Office Jobs | BBC Worklife

While many jobs still offer hybrid- or remote-working patterns, more bosses are mandating their employees to return to the office on a full-time basis. But for some of these companies, getting workers fully back on-site comes with a high price tag. This is particularly the case in the US, which has seen the most dramatic shift […]

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