Adam Scopp

As our Editorial Assistant, Adam’s role is to capture the team’s latest thought-leadership in a way which creates compelling and inspiring content.

Fi Repost Elmo
16th February 2024

Did Elmo Just Light a Fire Under HR to Confront the Employee Wellness Crisis? | HR Executive

Elmo, one of the furry stars of Sesame Street, is beloved by kids and parents alike for his sweet, wholesome nature. But things took a dark turn on Elmo’s social media last week—a situation that, employee wellness experts say, should raise the alarm for HR leaders. The character took to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Jan. 29 […]

Fi Pancake Day
13th February 2024

What Pancakes Can Teach Employers About the Importance of Diverse Perspectives

Pancake Day has become wildly popular in British culture over the years. What was once solely a religious celebration for indulging in something sweet before the beginning of Lent has now evolved into a fun and cultural staple that many Britons take part in. When we think about pancakes, our minds tend to go one […]

Fi 1 Hour Glass
31st January 2024

Countdown to Skills Crisis? What Our Latest Research Tells Us About Skills Gaps | PeopleScout

PeopleScout partnered with skills-based workforce management platform provider Spotted Zebra to survey over 100 senior HR and talent acquisition leaders globally, plus over 2,000 employees worldwide, to compare perspectives. Our new research report, The Skills Crisis Countdown, maps the skills landscape and diagnoses the disconnects between employers and their workforce. According to a study by PwC, 40% […]

Fi Repost War For Talent
26th January 2024

The Talent War is Raging as 70% of Staff are Looking For New Job in 2024 | HR Grapevine

With the new year now in full swing, new research from HiBob uncovers a miserable state of employee mental wellness, as one fifth (20%) of Brits feel burned out at work and more than a quarter (29%) are stressed. Shockingly, only one in seven (16%) would describe their mental state at work as supported. As […]

Fi Sunday Scaries
19th January 2024

6 Ways Employers Can Ward Off the ‘Sunday Scaries’ by Next Monday

If you ever find yourself feeling anxious, sad, and/or stressed out as your Sunday comes to a close, you may be experiencing the Sunday scaries. These feelings can be brought on for a number of reasons, whether that be stress from the week of work one has ahead of them, sadness about having to say […]

Fi Repost Hospital Flexibility
09th January 2024

One in Five Parents Fear Taking Time Off When Their Child is in Hospital | People Management

New research by MetLife has revealed that, besides health, one in five parents’ (18%) biggest concern was taking time off work when their child was taken into hospital. Of those who had had a child in hospital, one in seven (15 per cent) said they did not get paid by their employer, according to the […]

Fi Wellbeing Washing
09th January 2024

Avoiding the Slippery Slope of Wellbeing Washing in January

Ah, January. After a month packed with festive traditions, colorful lights, and more food than many of us would care to admit, it is quite natural to find yourself in a bit of a slump as the new year kicks off. This feeling is known more commonly as the ‘January Blues’ (or the ‘Winter Woes’ […]

Fi Repost Business Travel
05th January 2024

Remote Work Isn’t Killing Business Travel, It’s Transforming It | BBC Worklife

Despite the days of in-person client meetings lessening, employees are still finding themselves setting out on corporate trips…just for new reasons. The pandemic quickly made a lot of businesses see the futility in travelling across countries for client meetings. After being forced to work remotely, it became logical to continue conducting business meetings across international […]

Fi Happy New Year
03rd January 2024

The Employer Essentials for 2024: A Summary

As we counted down to the new year in December, we adopted the theme of looking forwards. What are the essential topics of focus for employers to be considering in 2024? Well, in case you missed any of them, here’s a summary of our essentials: If you would like to discuss the services we offer […]

Fi Leave In 2023 Os Website Version
20th December 2023

What Should Employers Leave in 2023?

Last year, we asked the OrgShakers team what practices and ideologies they thought employers should be leaving behind as they ventured into the new year. Now, as another year comes to a close, we wanted to see what they believe should be left in 2023 in order to help propel sustainability and growth in the […]

Fi Disability Pay
04th December 2023

If Employers Want to Close Talent Gaps, they Need to Close the Disability Pay Gap First

Did you know that from November 14th, disabled workers stop getting paid for the work they are doing until the new year? We were shocked too. A new analysis from the Trades Union Congress discovered that disabled people effectively work for free for the last 47 days of the year due to the sizable pay […]

Fi L&d Ageism
29th November 2023

It’s Time to Challenge the Ageism Around Career Development Opportunities

Learning and development (L&D) opportunities are a driving force when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. Research by the IMC found that 92% of job candidates use L&D opportunities as a deciding factor when considering job offers – as well as 52% of employees having left a role due to a lack of personal […]

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