Adam Scopp

As our Editorial Assistant, Adam’s role is to capture the team’s latest thought-leadership in a way which creates compelling and inspiring content.

Fi Menopause
22nd September 2023

Recent Direct Line tribunal rules menopause a disability | HR Magazine

Maxine Lynskey, a former consultant for Direct Line, was recently awarded over £64,000 in damages after a tribunal ruled her menopause symptoms as a ‘disability’ under the 2010 Equality Act when her former employer failed to make the correct reasonable adjustments. After working there for 4 years, she began to experience consistent menopausal symptoms of […]

Fi Lazy Girl
21st September 2023

From ‘Quiet Quitting’ to ‘Lazy Girl Jobs’: Are These Misnomers Doing More Harm than Good?

Emerging from a pandemic which saw a huge shift in mindset for the current workforce, the trend of ‘Quiet Quitting’ surfaced as a way for employees to set boundaries around the work they do and the timeframe they do it in. Looked at objectively, this was employees taking responsibility for their own work-life balance and […]

Fi Taboo Of Hiv
15th September 2023

How Employers can Challenge the Taboos of HIV in the Workplace

While huge strides continue to be made in regard to the treatment of HIV, in the US there are an estimated 1.3 million people who are HIV positive. In the UK, that figure is around 100,000. Despite the fact that the disease is no longer steeped in the stigma it once was, taboos still pervade […]

Fi Boost Productivity
31st August 2023

5 Unusual (and Innovative!) Approaches for Employees to Boost Productivity

One of HR’s key functions for employers is implementing strategies to optimize productivity in the workplace. By now, most employers will know the basics on how to go about this – but there are a growing number of innovative productivity strategies that organizations may not have considered before. They may sound counter-intuitive, but hear us […]

Fi Pets At Work
21st August 2023

Should Employers Be Creating Pet-Friendly Workplace Policies?

Many of us that work remotely or in a hybrid setting are accustomed to working in the same environment as our pets. In fact, more than 23 million American households adopted a pet during the pandemic, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. With in-office work having returned, some are […]

Fi Intern
18th August 2023

Making Mistakes at Work: What We Would Tell Our 21-Year-Old Selves

For those who might not be familiar, something wonderful happened on Twitter this year (a sentence not heard all that often). After an ordeal where an HBO Max intern accidently sent out a test email to thousands of the streaming service’s subscribers, the company took to Twitter to explain the mistake and highlighted how they […]

Fi Managing Up
17th August 2023

Should Employers Be Embracing the ‘Managing Up’ Trend?

Currently, many HR buzzwords and phrases originate from the same place: TikTok. First we saw the rise of ‘quiet quitting’ take TikTok – and then the wider internet – by storm. And now we are seeing a new trend with over 5 million views: ‘Managing Up’. Managing Up is when employees work out how to […]

Fi Jargon
04th August 2023

Workplace Jargon Vs. Cybernese: Are These Hidden Languages Barriers to Inclusion?

When I first started my job, I wasn’t exactly fluent in workplace jargon. I had just graduated from university and hadn’t ever been in a corporate environment, and straight off the bat there were acronyms being thrown around that I would surreptitiously google so not to seem out of the loop. For example, a term […]

Fi Squiggle Room
31st July 2023

Want to Retain Your Employees? Then Start Making ‘Squiggle Room’

Reducing turnover and improving employee retention is always a top priority for employers. And yet, with the effects of the Great Resignation still lingering, as well as increasing concerns over the skill’s gap, coming up with innovative and effective retention strategies has never been more important. Something we have also come to notice is the […]

Fi Enterprise Agility Barbie
25th July 2023

What Can Barbie Teach Employers About Enterprise Agility?

July is Global Enterprise Agility Month. July is also – more importantly – the month that the Barbie movie comes out in cinemas around the world. Now, these two things may not seem like they have a lot in common, but walk with me a minute. Before Barbie was brought to life by Margot Robbie, […]

Fi Productive Thinking
20th July 2023

The Relationship Between Pressure and Productive Thinking

If you’re anything like the famous Mathematician Archimedes, you might find that you do some of your best brainstorming in the bathtub. And you wouldn’t be alone in this! Last month, we conducted a poll on our LinkedIn page which sought to discover where employees were doing their most productive thinking. It might be surprising […]

Fi Youth Skills Day
14th July 2023

Why Employers Should Be Focused on Upskilling Younger Workers

As the workplace landscape continues to evolve in the digital era, a focus on learning and development is now more important than ever. Technological advancements are seeing the culture of work begin to change and grow at an exponential rate, and so now more than ever employers should be focusing on their younger talent. This […]

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