Saleem Mughal

Saleem supports clients in driving a critical change agenda across all key areas of their organization including the design and development of strategic reviews; organizational restructuring; business transformation; the implementation of change programs; the delivery of target operating models; and joint ventures.

Fi Rhythm
29th September 2020

Have you got rhythm?

Six-time Formula One World Champion driver Lewis Hamilton appears to be in perfect rhythm with his car. And being able to consistently sustain this rhythm has led to him being widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport. Too often the rhythm of human interaction is not always fully […]

Fi Kilimanjaro 2
24th July 2020

The Kilimanjaro Mindset – Part Two

In my last article – The Kilimanjaro Mindset – I wrote about how, as part of a team of seven novice climbers, I made the journey to the Summit of Africa’s highest mountain … and safely back down again. I also explored how the lessons of adapting to the ‘new normal’, i.e. operating at high […]

Fi Project Stop
11th June 2020

Project Stop: “Houston, we’ve had a problem”

This year has seen the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 lunar mission which, famously, experienced an on-board explosion depriving the spacecraft of most of its oxygen supply and electric power. The tireless teamwork and decisive decision-making which brought the three astronauts safely back to Earth is now legendary. The first key decision made by […]

Fi Kilimanjaro
22nd May 2020

The Kilimanjaro Mindset

Last year I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with my friend and his teenage son who I knew well, and four others who we met for the first time at basecamp. As a team of seven, we quickly discovered that we needed to work together and adapt our behaviours to deal with an environment the like of […]

Fi Italian Job
08th May 2020

The Italian Job

The pandemic lockdown has been a great opportunity to revisit some of my all-time favourite movies, and it was 30-mins into “The Italian Job” that something struck me … these guys are creating THE textbook organisation. In fact, I would challenge you to find any organisation that’s better than the one set up by the […]

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