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  • on
    29th January 2024

    Do Companies Need a Hybrid Dress Code?

    Working in a remote or hybrid setting has entered the mainstream for the world of work.  Navigating applications like Zoom and Teams has become routine, water cooler chats rely on DM, and family members or pets are a common sight while working. That said, there are still the occasional mishaps. For example: A few years […]

    Fi Hybrid Dress Code(1)
  • on
    24th January 2024

    Repurposing the Office in a Hybrid Working World

    What is the office actually for? What was once seen as a logical and efficient way of working has now been brought into question by the sudden and mass shift to remote and hybrid work. So, to work out where we’re going – we first need to rewind. The ‘office’ has always been in a […]

    Fi Office Purpose
  • on
    22nd January 2024

    Who is HR for HR?

    The HR is focused on managing every aspect of an organization’s ‘human’ capital. As the importance of this historically under-optimized resource has been realized, however, we have seen the role of HR grow exponentially, especially as the scope of diversity, equity, and inclusion continues to expand alongside the almost perpetual introduction of new and emerging […]

    Fi Hr For Hr
  • on
    17th January 2024

    Meet ‘Harriet’: The New AI Human Resources Assistant

    Have you met Harriet? Co-founders Cecily Motley and David Buxton have recently created ‘Harriet’, an AI tool that is designed to automate human resources processes. It has been specifically created to be smoothly integrated into a company’s Slack channels so to provide certain HR-related services. AI assistants are not necessarily new – especially if Siri, […]

    Fi Hr Harriet
  • on
    16th January 2024

    OrgShakers Welcomes Arnold L. Greene

    I am delighted to be welcoming Arnold L. Greene to the OrgShakers team! Since graduating from Cornell University with a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations, Arnold has enjoyed over 30 years as a Human Resources professional leading Human Resources and Training functions. Arnold’s last corporate role was as the Head of Global Strategic Human […]

    Fi Arnold L Greene
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