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  • on
    18th October 2022

    Celebrating World Menopause Day in HR

    I found myself smiling recently as my lovely mum, Nora – who is 84 – declared her absolute exasperation that her doctor had not prescribed her a medication she thought she absolutely should have. So, why was I smiling? Her request had been for hormone replacement therapy – HRT! As I poured us both a […]

    Fi 1 World Menopause Day
  • on
    13th October 2022

    Are Power Skills the Key to Gen Z?

    With a post-pandemic wellbeing mindset on the rise, as well as the influx of Generation Z into the workforce, many are starting to realise that a leader’s ability to utilise their soft skills is becoming increasingly valuable. For the most part, hard skills are the ones that have been considered of greatest value to employers, […]

    Fi 1 Power Skills
  • on
    11th October 2022

    How to Maintain Brain Health to Support Mental Wellness: Part 2

    5. Reduce anxiety Anxiety is known to be harmful to the brain, but how? Some anxiety is normal in us all, but evidence exists that individuals who experience long term and sustained anxiety are 48% more likely to develop cognitive decline. This is due to cortisol, the stress hormone, which if present over the long-term damages parts […]

    Fi 1 Brain Health 2
  • on
    06th October 2022

    How to Be an Approachable Leader

    “People leave managers, not companies,” is the mantra of Marcus Buckingham’s book on leadership[1]. And if I were to simplify this message even further, it would be to this: people are more likely to remain working for leaders that are approachable and inclusive.  In a time where workers are consistently changing jobs, retention strategies have […]

    Fi Likeable Leaders
  • on
    05th October 2022

    Why Fostering an Accessibility Mindset is Good for Business 

    As they seek to broaden and mature their position on the diversity and inclusion agenda, most organizations agree that enhancing their accessibility is important. However, what many have not yet realised is the sheer scale of the opportunities that exists by proactively addressing this issue. The UK government has recently produced an updated House of […]

    Fi Accessibility
  • on
    03rd October 2022

    Podcast: Cost of Living Crisis – How can businesses help?

    The recent Wagestream Cost of Living Report 2022 has found that close to all UK employees (96%) have seen their living costs rise and, as a result, 70% now worry more about money. Three quarters (76%) of those worrying more have seen their mental health decline. Unsurprisingly, therefore, one in five (19%) of those who […]

    Fi Cost Of Living 2
  • on
    28th September 2022

    Quiet Firing: Don’t Be So Quick to Burn Bridges

    ‘Quiet quitting’ has been a buzzword in the corporate world recently – staff members are taking back their personal lives by setting boundaries on how much extra effort they put into their work. This has sparked many conversations as to why employees felt the need to quietly quit in the first place, and one such […]

    Fi Quiet Firing
  • on
    20th September 2022

    The Rise of ‘Quiet Quitting’ and why it is a Misnomer

    The recent rise of what is apparently called ‘quiet quitting’ has sparked the need for organizations to re-examine the modern psychological contract between employer and employee. ‘Quiet quitting’, in terms of working with reduced motivation, has always existed since work first began, and usually resulted in the individual leaving to find a new role that […]

    Fi Quiet Quitting 1
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