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  • on
    07th May 2020

    Press Release: Remarginalization

    IMMEDIATE RELEASE See notes to editors for interview bids. A post-pandemic remarginalization of disadvantaged workers risks creating a ‘talent trap’ for employers Young people, older workers, working mums and other groups risk being pushed back to the fringes of the world of work following the Covid-19 pandemic David Fairhurst, one of the world’s most influential […]

    Fi Remarginalization
  • on
    21st April 2020

    Talking Talent – Podcast

    Huge thanks to Robert Peasnell, Deputy Managing Director of PeopleScout UK, who invited me to share my thoughts on the future of HR and the creation of successful HR strategies. Click on the link below to hear about: How to navigate change and create organizational readiness. The importance of being brave in employer brand and […]

    Fi Peasnell
  • on
    20th April 2020

    Optimism and The Future Leader

    For his inspiring new book – The Future Leader – Jacob Morgan interviewed over 140 of the world's top CEOs and surveyed nearly 14,000 people to identify the nine skills and mindsets which will be required to lead in the next decade and beyond. Looked at through the lens of the Covid-19 pandemic, I think […]

    Fi Jacob Morgan
  • on
    31st March 2020

    15 years after ‘Why We Hate HR’

    In 2005, Fast Company magazine published its infamous ‘Why We Hate HR’ article which stated that “the human-resources trade long ago proved itself, at best, a necessary evil – and at worst, a dark bureaucratic force that blindly enforces nonsensical rules, resists creativity, and impedes constructive change.” In 2015, I reflected in my HR Magazine […]

    Fi Why We Hate Hr
  • on
    27th March 2020

    Predicting the future of retention and engagement

    Retention and Engagement will be key challenges for organisations in the month’s ahead. In my February 2015 HR Magazine column I predicted that “retention and engagement may well prove to be bigger than HR alone; impacted as they are by the actions of a host of other leaders and managers. Would it be better for […]

    Fi Predicting The Future
  • on
    26th March 2020

    Focus on the positive

    It's all too easy in the current climate to focus on the negative. Here's a clip from a presentation I gave at the London Busines Forum which shares why HR needs to be focused on the positive too ...

    Fi Lbf
  • on
    15th January 2020

    Financial Wellbeing

    Organisations need to think differently about the workplace experience they are creating for their employees - and one area which stands out to me as being ripe for innovation is pay. You can find out why in this artice I wrote for Management Issues:

    Fi Piggy
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