23rd May 2020
Fi Pozcast

#thePOZcast: The New Work Order

Discussing “The New Work Order” with Adam Posner on The POZcast …
22nd May 2020
Fi Kilimanjaro

The Kilimanjaro Mindset

Last year I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with my friend and his teenage son who I knew well, and four others who we met for the first […]
22nd May 2020
Fi Wagestream Webcast

Wagestream Podcast

It was great to speak to Suki Thompson, CEO of LetsReset to discuss the rapid changes that the pandemic has brought and the future of HR […]
19th May 2020
Fi Rest Less Podcast

Rest Less Podcast

I was delighted to join Stewart Lewis, Founder and CEO of Rest Less to discuss the future of work from the perspective of the over 50’s. […]
19th May 2020
Fi People Power Podcast

HR Leaders Podcast

Thanks to Chris Rainey, CEO and Founder of HR Leaders, for inviting Maya A. Bordeaux and myself to take part in his daily podcast. HR Leaders […]
11th May 2020
Fi Odgers Podcast

The Future of Leadership Interview #2

Here’s Part 2 of my recent Zoom interview with David Greenwood, Head of Digital and Consumer Practice MENA at Odgers Berndtson.
8th May 2020
Fi Italian Job

The Italian Job

The pandemic lockdown has been a great opportunity to revisit some of my all-time favourite movies, and it was 30-mins into “The Italian Job” that something […]
7th May 2020
Fi Ptod

Drop D&I now and face talent shortages in future

Click here to see this Personnel Today article:
7th May 2020
Fi Remarginalization

Press Release: Remarginalization

IMMEDIATE RELEASE See notes to editors for interview bids. A post-pandemic remarginalization of disadvantaged workers risks creating a ‘talent trap’ for employers Young people, older workers, […]