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  • on
    15th September 2022

    In the war for talent, are Gen Z being overlooked?   

    The war for talent has never been more intense. In many sectors, there are simply not enough workers to meet demand. Yet still there remains one group of individuals who continue to be underrepresented in the workforce – Generation Z. This is often because many companies fixate on recruiting staff with an established set of […]

    Fi Generation Z
  • on
    13th September 2022

    Are you a ‘Quiet Leader’?

    Have you ever heard the phrase “quiet leaders”? This is a leadership style whose description may seem much more familiar than its name.  Quiet leaders can be described as “managers who apply modesty, restraint, and tenacity to solve particularly difficult problems.” (Lagace, M.)  Badaracco (2003) explains, “Everyday work life is full of right-versus-right decisions. In […]

    Fi Quiet Leadership
  • on
    07th September 2022

    … And Three Things First-Time CEOs Should Do

    Now that you have been introduced to what life as a first-time CEO has in store, here are three recommendations for emerging CEOs: Build, develop and lead through your leadership team Building their leadership team has always been an important part of the CEO job; but the composition and purpose of this team is changing […]

    Fi Ceo Three
  • on
    07th September 2022

    Eight Things Every First-Time CEO Should Hear…

    If you are reading this, chances are you have encountered articles telling you that a good chief executive officer (CEO) needs to be a decisive, results-oriented leader who can simultaneously articulate a strategic vision for the company, embody its culture and values, and represent it to outside entities—all while driving growth. You probably also know […]

    Fi Ceo Eight
  • on
    30th August 2022

    How to Support Employee Wellbeing as a Small Business

    With the cost of living continuing to rise, supporting the wellbeing of staff has been at the forefront of employers’ minds. According to a LendingClub report, 64% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck in 2022, so organizations are trying to support their employees financially wherever they can. But if you are a small business […]

    Fi Cost Of Living
  • on
    24th August 2022

    Is this the ‘Great Rebirth’ of the workplace?

    It started with the Great Resignation, shifted into the Great Reshuffle and now it is shaping up to be the Great Regret. One thing that is clear from this ever-changing picture is that the workforce is more restless than it has ever been. But is this employee upheaval a symptom of something bigger? And if […]

    Fi Great Rebirth Carpe Diem
  • on
    19th August 2022

    Discussion: Making caring visible, valued, and supported

    In June Carers Week 2022 published a report highlighting the challenges facing working carers in the UK. To discuss the implications for employers, I brought together Vivek Patni, CEO of care service access provider WeMa, and Max Lintott, UK General Manager of financial wellbeing platform Wagestream. Both WeMa and Wagestream are actively engaged in helping […]

    Fi Working Carers
  • on
    12th August 2022

    The Metaverse: A Whole New Working World?

    Hybrid and remote working have become a post-pandemic norm, and have paved the way for an entirely new working environment – the metaverse. This is a virtual reality environment where employees can meet and interact from anywhere around the world through avatars – digital versions of themselves – which they have designed. The concept of […]

    Fi Metaverse
  • on
    27th July 2022

    Why hiring for culture fit may not be the best way forward

    “You will fit in perfectly here” is a phrase that many of us will be familiar with hearing after receiving a new job. And while this is positive, it can make you wonder what employers really mean when they say an employee is a ‘good fit’. Is a ‘good fit’ someone the interviewer feels they […]

    Fi Culture Fit
  • on
    08th July 2022

    Age Diversity: A missed opportunity?

    In both the US and the UK employers are waking up to the fact that the workforce is ageing. And they should, because for the first time in history, over 1/3rd of the working population are over 50! There is growing evidence, however, that organizations on both sides of the Atlantic are failing to act. […]

    Fi Age Diversity
  • on
    07th June 2022

    You’re FIRED! The ambiguity of the Employment-At-Will doctrine

    On a number of occasions in the past I’ve been asked to fire employees for reasons such as “they are not a cultural fit”, “they are not performing well” and, once, when their boss simply didn’t like the color of their shirts. “Fire them”, I was told on each occasion, “it’s employment-at-will, right?”  Experienced HR […]

    Fi You're Fired
  • on
    18th May 2022

    Why Systemic Team Coaching is essential to ESG Strategy

    For most of history, publicly traded companies have defined their purpose rather narrowly: they existed first and foremost to serve shareholders, and their interactions with customers, employees, governments, suppliers, the environment, and wider communities were subordinated to this agenda. Now, however, the definition and scope of a company’s purpose is clearly changing. Throughout the business […]

    Fi Systemic Team Coaching
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