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  • on
    22nd March 2023

    The Best Ways Employers Can Support Those Observing Ramadan

    Today marks the beginning of Ramadan – a month-long period of fasting, prayer, and reflection observed by millions of Muslims around the world. This will see many Muslim people adjusting their schedules to accommodate to the demands of their religious practices. There are just shy of four million Muslims in the UK, and so it […]

    Fi Ramadan
  • on
    20th March 2023

    How Should Employers Respond to Employee Procrastination?

    From time to time, I’m sure all of us have been guilty of procrastinating. And if it is something that isn’t happening very often, then it doesn’t really do much harm. However, in a world where remote working is continuously on the rise, being able to procrastinate is easier than ever. Resume-Now conducted a study […]

    Fi Procrastination
  • on
    16th March 2023

    Moving Beyond the Norm: Neurodiversity at Work

    Work can be an intimidating and frustrating experience for neurodivergent individuals, as they can struggle to fit in with coworkers and adhere to organizational culture expectations. Conversely, employers and colleagues can feel challenged when working with neurodivergent team members. Through awareness and a few workplace changes, the benefits connected to a neurodiverse workforce can be […]

    Fi Neurodiversity
  • on
    14th March 2023

    Equal Pay Vs. Equitable Pay: What Do Employers Need to Know

    Equal Pay Day comes around every year to shed light on the fact that pay disparities are still very much present – women working full-time in the US are still only paid 83% of what men earn for the same job. But for employers to successfully address pay disparity, they first must understand the differences […]

    Fi Equal Pay
  • on
    22nd February 2023

    Once Upon a Time in HR…

    By Brittany Burton and Victoria Sprenger Once upon a time, three young women found themselves struggling at work. Tired, isolated, and cold, the three were in need of support from their employers during these trying times: “Burnout Beauty” The first of our tales follows a young professional named Aurora. In wake of her company’s compensation […]

    Fi Fairytales
  • on
    22nd February 2023

    Rise and Grind: Should Napping at Work be a Wellbeing Strategy?

    Napping at work is not a new phenomenon. 42.7% of US employees have admitted that they regularly nap at work, and a separate study found that the average remote-working Briton was taking three lunchtime naps per week. This aligns well with results from our own poll, which found that 66% of respondents were either already […]

    Fi Napping
  • on
    20th February 2023

    Employers! It’s Time to Talk About Time

    Time and time again, the hours in the day can prove to be elusive. Many of us may find ourselves asking, where did the time go? when we look up from our desk and suddenly see that the sky has darkened. What’s interesting about this is, a lot of employees are now much more aware […]

    Fi Talk About Time
  • on
    17th February 2023

    Is Dissociation at Work on the Rise?

    Dissociation is a way the mind copes with stress – and it is a way more common problem than most employers think, with up with to 75% of people experiencing a dissociative episode at some point. In fact, even if you have never heard of dissociation, you will almost certainly have seen its impact on […]

    Fi Dissociation
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