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  • on
    17th August 2021

    Canary in the coal mine?

    OrgShakers crack data analyst, Imogen Parsley, conducted a review of LinkedIn Updates and the results should cause significant concern in the board room. A staggering rate of increase has occurred for C-suite executives updating their LinkedIn profiles. Well, it is no secret that executive search firms leverage LinkedIn as one of their primary sources. Some […]

    Fi Canary
  • on
    21st July 2021

    Hybrid working demands reward agility

    “If you want to get paid New York rates, you work in New York … none of this, ‘I’m in Colorado … and getting paid like I’m sitting in New York City.’ Sorry. That doesn’t work.” This comment from Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman during a recent investing conference created quite a commotion in the […]

    Fi Comp Agility
  • on
    20th July 2021

    Midlife Working: The best is yet to come

    Life expectancy is increasing, and by 2040 this is projected to rise to the age of 85. That’s great news for me personally as I am now in my 50’s, but as an HR professional I’m also thinking about what these projections mean in the workplace – and what I should be focussing on for […]

    Fi Midlife Workers
  • on
    11th June 2021

    Leverage Diversity: Sharing Hearts and Pooling Minds

    Diversity brings a range of experience, differences in mindset, background, upbringing, world view, etc. and, as a result, diversity of thinking. When we talk about the business benefits of diversity and inclusion we are thinking of the removal of inequitable barriers and widening of the talent pool, the richness of culture that a diverse workforce […]

    Fi Sharing Hearts Pooling Minds 2
  • on
    01st June 2021

    More than a parade

    Pride Month had become an affinity month that lives in two places in my mind. First, it is the celebration of who I am, who I married, and progress towards true recognition and justice. Second, it is a period where organizations mumble through encouraging statements, high-fives, and rainbow merchandise most of which I honestly won’t […]

    Fi 2021 Pride
  • on
    01st June 2021

    Taking the long view of current skills shortages

    As the world’s major economies begin their journey out of the pandemic, OrgShakers’ Andy Parsley warns in this Forbes interview that employers are “bouncing back into a labor market at least as tight as it was before Covid.” Dealing with this will require organizations to think about the longer-term impact of the actions they take […]

    Fi Forbes Piece
  • on
    25th May 2021

    Don’t let anybody mess with your swing!

    Phil Mickelson stunned the golf world on Sunday when he finished off his win in the PGA Championship to become, at 50, the oldest golfer ever to win a major championship. He finished the event shooting six under par. After his win, praise flooded in from across not just the golf community, but from other […]

    Fi Golf
  • on
    04th May 2021

    High Fliers #2: What else have I learned from flying?

    Last week, I wrote about a personal milestone, the 40th anniversary of my first solo flight in an aircraft aged just 16, and what I have learned about business leadership from my flying experiences. This first article was focussed on self-awareness, risk mitigation and shared responsibilities. There are three additional areas that really stand out […]

    Fi Julian Flying 2
  • on
    26th April 2021

    High Fliers: What have I learned from flying?

    Today is the 40th anniversary of my first solo flight in an aircraft. I was aged 16, in an open-cockpit glider launched by a winch at West Malling in Kent. I hadn’t even been able to drive on the road at that age. Since then, flying has become more accessible and so I’ve continued to […]

    Fi Julian Flying 1
  • on
    01st April 2021

    The competitive advantage of Emotional Intelligence

    Why is Emotional Intelligence important to your business, isn’t it just ‘being nice’, or ‘a nice to have’? We would argue that it is a business imperative! In 2019 Harvard Business Review published a paper ‘The EI Advantage’ which demonstrated that Emotional intelligence (abbreviated as EI or EQ) is increasingly and urgently recognized as a […]

    Fi Ei Eq Dice
  • on
    08th March 2021

    International Women’s Day 2021

    To book your FREE 1-hour one-on-one online coaching session CLICK HERE. And for organizations looking to shake up Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in their workplace, CLICK HERE to find out more about how OrgShakers can help. Copyright OrgShakers: The global HR consultancy for workplace transformation founded by David Fairhurst in 2020

    Fi Iwd 2021
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