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We would like to share some of our latest thinking about the big issues in HR. Please let us know what you think …

  • on
    10th June 2020

    The Great Recovery: Future Proofing Your Workforce

    Returning to work following the Covid-19 pandemic provides unique challenges for businesses to make sure their workplaces are safe and that their staff are confident to come back after a period of increased strain, especially when it comes to employees’ finances. This Wagestream report looks at the different stages of re-entry into work, the challenges […]

    Fi Great Recovery
  • on
    09th June 2020

    INAC Global webinar

    INAC is a global executive search organization providing executive talent services across the globe, operating in 60+ affiliated offices across 36 countries and 6 continents. On May 21 I had the privilege of hosting their webinar: “Impact of COVID-19 on talent ecosystems around the World and how it will affect the Executive Search Industry” where […]

    Fi Inac
  • on
    02nd June 2020

    Let's Lead With Love

    Several colleagues encouraged me to write about the recent events across the United States that the world has witnessed with sorrow and shock. Instead of me being flattered that they wanted me to write because they believe I have an important voice in this space and lend credibility to diversity and inclusion conversations, I lashed […]

    Fi Lead With Love
  • on
    22nd May 2020

    The Kilimanjaro Mindset

    Last year I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with my friend and his teenage son who I knew well, and four others who we met for the first time at basecamp. As a team of seven, we quickly discovered that we needed to work together and adapt our behaviours to deal with an environment the like of […]

    Fi Kilimanjaro
  • on
    22nd May 2020

    Wagestream Podcast

    It was great to speak to Suki Thompson, CEO of LetsReset to discuss the rapid changes that the pandemic has brought and the future of HR in a post Covid-19 world.

    Fi Wagestream Webcast
  • on
    19th May 2020

    HR Leaders Podcast

    Thanks to Chris Rainey, CEO and Founder of HR Leaders, for inviting Maya A. Bordeaux and myself to take part in his daily podcast. HR Leaders is a cross-industry learning community whose vision is to shape the future of work for business and for the lasting benefit of society.  

    Fi People Power Podcast
  • on
    08th May 2020

    The Italian Job

    The pandemic lockdown has been a great opportunity to revisit some of my all-time favourite movies, and it was 30-mins into “The Italian Job” that something struck me … these guys are creating THE textbook organisation. In fact, I would challenge you to find any organisation that’s better than the one set up by the […]

    Fi Italian Job
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