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  • on
    28th February 2022

    Employees Fight for Financial Freedom

    The UK government were calling it ‘Freedom Day’ – the day when all Covid-19 restrictions would be lifted after two long years. To be honest, even though Thursday 24th February was also my birthday, it felt the furthest thing from a Freedom Day that I had ever experienced in my HR  career. As one newspaper […]

    Fi Sun Umbrella
  • on
    21st February 2022

    Guiding Students after Graduation

    Before you know it, graduation will be approaching. Many of those graduating may not have their first job prospects leaving them feeling anxious as their peers will begin the workforce right after. What do you suggest to your upcoming graduate? Is there an approach you can take? What if you say something wrong to them […]

    Fi Graduate Path
  • on
    15th February 2022

    Storytelling in your Leadership Tool Kit

    Looking back, I can’t remember a time when my parents weren’t leading.  Sometimes they led small teams of 5-10, sometimes groups in the thousands.  They were leaders at local, national, and international levels. While they were both leaders in their careers, they also led in many volunteer roles.  Socially gifted, my parents’ ability to connect […]

    Fi Tree And Shadow
  • on
    02nd December 2021

    HR Leaders Podcast - Midlife Workers

    In this episode of the HR Leaders podcast, Chris Rainey is joined by Therese Procter of OrgShakers and Vivek Patni, CEO and Co-Founder WeMa. With one-third of the workforce now over the age of 50, their focus for discusion is how organizations can optimize this often overlooked pool of talent. Copyright OrgShakers: The global HR […]

    Fi Hr Leaders Podcast
  • on
    18th October 2021

    Ignorance may be bliss – but this affects us all

    Midlife is a pivotal period in our life journey. It can suck – or rock! Neither well defined nor well understood, Midlife is described simply as ‘the time between youth and old age’.  A time which is often associated with stress and crisis – especially for women. I can relate to this, but there are […]

    Fi Midlife Workers 2
  • on
    12th October 2021

    Great Resignation: Are you CHARMing your employees?

    Rise to the challenge of #TheGreatResignation by CHARM-ing your people. More than 15-million people have quit their jobs since April 2021, and there’s no way of knowing if this the exodus is temporary – or a long term shift in how people manage their careers. Organizations can take control, however, by understanding why employees are […]

    Fi Great Resignation
  • on
    17th August 2021

    Canary in the coal mine?

    OrgShakers crack data analyst, Imogen Parsley, conducted a review of LinkedIn Updates and the results should cause significant concern in the board room. A staggering rate of increase has occurred for C-suite executives updating their LinkedIn profiles. Well, it is no secret that executive search firms leverage LinkedIn as one of their primary sources. Some […]

    Fi Canary
  • on
    21st July 2021

    Hybrid working demands reward agility

    “If you want to get paid New York rates, you work in New York … none of this, ‘I’m in Colorado … and getting paid like I’m sitting in New York City.’ Sorry. That doesn't work.” This comment from Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman during a recent investing conference created quite a commotion in the […]

    Fi Comp Agility
  • on
    20th July 2021

    Midlife Working: The best is yet to come

    Life expectancy is increasing, and by 2040 this is projected to rise to the age of 85. That’s great news for me personally as I am now in my 50’s, but as an HR professional I’m also thinking about what these projections mean in the workplace – and what I should be focussing on for […]

    Fi Midlife Workers
  • on
    11th June 2021

    Leverage Diversity: Sharing Hearts and Pooling Minds

    Diversity brings a range of experience, differences in mindset, background, upbringing, world view, etc. and, as a result, diversity of thinking. When we talk about the business benefits of diversity and inclusion we are thinking of the removal of inequitable barriers and widening of the talent pool, the richness of culture that a diverse workforce […]

    Fi Sharing Hearts Pooling Minds 2
  • on
    01st June 2021

    More than a parade

    Pride Month had become an affinity month that lives in two places in my mind. First, it is the celebration of who I am, who I married, and progress towards true recognition and justice. Second, it is a period where organizations mumble through encouraging statements, high-fives, and rainbow merchandise most of which I honestly won’t […]

    Fi 2021 Pride
  • on
    01st June 2021

    Taking the long view of current skills shortages

    As the world’s major economies begin their journey out of the pandemic, OrgShakers’ Andy Parsley warns in this Forbes interview that employers are “bouncing back into a labor market at least as tight as it was before Covid.” Dealing with this will require organizations to think about the longer-term impact of the actions they take […]

    Fi Forbes Piece
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