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  • on
    14th July 2023

    Why Employers Should Be Focused on Upskilling Younger Workers

    As the workplace landscape continues to evolve in the digital era, a focus on learning and development is now more important than ever. Technological advancements are seeing the culture of work begin to change and grow at an exponential rate, and so now more than ever employers should be focusing on their younger talent. This […]

    Fi Youth Skills Day
  • on
    12th July 2023

    How Can Employers Shake Productivity Paranoia?

    Hybrid and remote work have been the talk of the town the last few years. This highly successful alternative work style is a fantastic demonstration of corporate perseverance, resilience, and adaptability. And yet, while many businesses have been operating like this since 2020, a recent study from Microsoft found 85% of leaders said the shift […]

    Fi Productivity Paranoia
  • on
    05th July 2023

    Employers Should Be Encouraging Dissent, and Here’s Why

    Dissent in the workplace is a delicate thing. Challenging the status quo can be seen as a rebellious and necessary act, but normalising dissent is a lot easier said than done. People get defensive, or begin questioning their own judgement. There is a sense of discomfort in dissenting which has to be navigated sensitively. That […]

    Fi Dissent
  • on
    27th June 2023

    Hustle Vs. Happiness: Helping Employees Hit the Right Balance

    ‘Hustle culture’ is a buzzword that’s become quite popular over the last year. With some dubbing it as ‘burnout culture’, it is the idea that you have to work extra hard and put in extra work to get recognised for promotions and opportunities at work – in short, you are always hustling. Since the pandemic, […]

    Fi 4 Hustle Vs Happiness V2
  • on
    23rd June 2023

    Is the Key to Higher Engagement ‘Making Very Gooey Ratatouille’?

    If you’re wondering what ratatouille has to do with employee engagement, here’s an alarming statistic … in their State of the Global Workplace 2022 report, Gallup discovered that only 21% of employees were engaged at work. Flipped on its head, this means that almost 8 out of 10 workers worldwide are actively disengaged. So, time […]

    Fi 4 Ratatouille
  • on
    16th June 2023

    Eradicating the Taboos of Men’s Health at Work

    It might surprise you to discover that according to estimates, half of all premature male deaths are considered preventable. This is largely influenced by the fact that men are up to 50% less likely to seek medical attention in comparison to women, and this normalization of neglect is reflected in a higher mortality rate. And […]

    Fi Mens Day
  • on
    13th June 2023

    What Can Employers Do to Tackle Feelings of Loneliness?

    When I left the corporate world and started my own HR Consultancy, I had to adjust from being part of a team to working on my own. While I was excited to be taking this courageous step, I would find myself running out of steam as the afternoon progressed. I’d usually find myself ringing my […]

    Fi Loneliness At Work
  • on
    09th June 2023

    Working Carers: The Employees Who Live a Double Life

    Many workers are leading a double life that employers may not even know about. Harvard Business School Professor Joseph Fuller conducted research which found that 73% of all American employees have some type of caregiving responsibility alongside their ‘day job’. However, due to a lack of support, benefits, and policies, this has resulted in US […]

    Fi 4 Working Carer
  • on
    07th June 2023

    Navigating the Murky Waters of Layoffs and Their Ripple Effects

    Looming fears of a recession, as well as the effects from record high inflation rates, have seen a surge in layoffs over the last year. And while navigating the legalities and sensitivities that accompany laying off employees, employers also have to think about how they can effectively manage the ripple effects that these reductions to […]

    Fi 4 Ripple Effect
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