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  • on
    27th April 2023

    Maximizing the Return on Your Investment in Executive Coaching

    Coaching is a fantastic way to draw the potential out of leaders. It helps improve confidence, productivity, and is a sustainable form of development, as what is learned is taken and applied independently afterwards. And this is a proven fact – on average, an individual increases their productivity by 86% when training is combined with […]

    Fi Coaching Roi
  • on
    20th April 2023

    Is There Such a Thing as Real ‘Time Off’ Work?

    After recently examining the reality of unlimited paid time off (PTO), it got me thinking about the concept of ‘time off work’ as a whole. Having true time off work would (or should) mean that for the time that an employee has opted to take off, their responsibilities should be covered by another member of […]

    Fi Time Off Work
  • on
    18th April 2023

    What do Employers Need to Know About Quiet Promotions?

    If you haven’t come across the term ‘quiet promotion’, it references the practice of employees assuming the responsibilities of a former colleague without formal recognition or compensation. Sadly, this is not as uncommon as people might think. One recent study found that 67% of workers had taken on the responsibilities of a more senior colleague […]

    Fi Quiet Promotion Danger
  • on
    14th April 2023

    The Shifting Boundaries of Workplace Banter

    Positive workplace ‘banter’ is a good thing. Having a cohesive workforce and a strong workplace culture is something that all employers strive for. And friendly relationships in the workplace increase productivity, as employees are more committed, communicate better, and encourage each other. Banter can play a pivotal role in cementing these relationships. There is, however, […]

    Fi Banter
  • on
    13th April 2023

    OrgShakers Welcomes Kenneth Merritt

    I am very delighted to be welcoming Kenneth Merritt to the OrgShakers team! Ken is a skilled thought leader, facilitator and C-Suite-level advisor, with particular expertise in helping CFOs and finance leaders align their organizational goals, foster their capabilities, and strengthen their leadership prowess. Having worked for companies such as Korn Ferry and Deloitte Consulting, […]

    Fi Ken Merritt
  • on
    12th April 2023

    How to Secure a ‘Generational Dividend’ for Your Organization

    We are all aware that each generation has been attributed macro characteristics – the Greatest Generation are ‘responsible and hard-working’, Baby Boomers are ‘selfish’, Gen X are ‘cynical’, Millennials are ‘entitled and lazy’, and Gen Z are ‘civic-minded snowflakes’. When these stereotypical beliefs spill over into the world of work, however, they can lead to […]

    Fi Generationalism
  • on
    06th April 2023

    Leveraging Stress in the C-Suite

    Today’s economic and social climate plays a big role in perpetuating stress in the workplace. Executives who know how to leverage personal pressure while effectively managing stressed employees possess a vital skillset, particularly in a cost-of-living or organizational identity crisis. For example, leaders who successfully practice healthy personal habits and foster wellbeing in their organization’s […]

    Fi Stress Management At Executive Level
  • on
    05th April 2023

    Is this the Age of Working Smart Over Working Hard?  

    I have no doubt that most of us have come across the recent artificial intelligence (AI) phenomenon that is ChatGPT.   With software company OpenAI recently announcing the program’s next iteration (titled ChatGPT-4), there has been a lot of speculation around whether employers – and people in general – should be ‘freaked out’ by the expanding […]

    Fi Work Smarter
  • on
    03rd April 2023

    How Can Employers Mitigate Stress and Ensure Success?  

    It is not uncommon to feel stressed at work, and so how employers manage this can be vital to ensuring that their teams are being supported so they can produce their strongest output. CIPD’s Health and Wellbeing at Work report found that four-fifths (79%) of companies reported some stress-related absences over the last year (and […]

    Fi How To Mitigate Stress In The Workplace
  • on
    30th March 2023

    Does Offering Unlimited Paid Time Off Actually Pay Off?

    An employer’s paid time off (PTO) policy is critical when it comes to attracting new talent – a recent study found that PTO was the second most compelling benefit a company could offer. This can inevitably lead to the consideration of unlimited PTO. It is already a particularly popular policy amongst US tech, media, and […]

    Fi Holiday Allowances
  • on
    27th March 2023

    Be Wary of the COVID Compensation Hangover

    This time of year, there are the usual surveys and articles about merit increases and executive pay increases.    For example, I saw a recent private company survey that said that more than 46% of organizations in the US plan to provide a more than 6% increase to the merit pool.  Similarly, I have seen […]

    Fi Covid Compensation
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