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  • on
    14th February 2023

    Are Managers Undermining Themselves by Laughter Padding?

    Managers who know when to have a laugh and not take themselves too seriously tend to be some of the best. Their joie de vivre makes for a happy workplace and fosters healthy relationships with their team. We will all have experienced occasions, however, when a manager has inappropriately bookended a far from light-hearted message […]

    Fi Laughter Padding
  • on
    09th February 2023

    No More Non-Competes? This is Why Employers Shouldn’t Panic

    At the beginning of January, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed a new law that would ban the use of non-compete clauses, as well as rescind any previously signed agreements.  This may seem like a drastic change – especially with nearly a third (31.8%) of employers making all their employees sign a non-compete – but the banning of these clauses […]

    Fi Non Compete
  • on
    07th February 2023

    Coming Out at Work: The Closet with a Revolving Door

    Let me ask you something – if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, how many times have you had to ‘come out of the closet’? The answer will always – always – be more than once. But why is that? It might be a common misconception that once a person ‘comes out’ it’s […]

    Fi Rainbow Revolving Door
  • on
    01st February 2023

    The Importance of Black History Month in the Workplace

    Black History Month aims to recognize the achievements of Black people and their contributions made to history, and this year in the UK, the celebrations are centred around the contributions of black women, as well as coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush. First celebrated in the UK in 1987, […]

    Fi Black History Month Uk
  • on
    26th January 2023

    Cameras On Vs. Cameras Off: The Rise of Zoom Fatigue

    Zoom Fatigue refers to feelings of tiredness, worry or burnout due to the overuse of video calling platforms. To help those who fall victim to this, we first need to understand what’s driving it. It has become a norm for employers to ask their team to have their cameras turned on during a meeting. Whether […]

    Fi Zoom Fatigue
  • on
    24th January 2023

    Finding the Balance Between Coaching and Mentoring

    As coaching continues to grow and many organizations are increasingly happy to invest in bringing in external coaches, the reach of this valuable tool can be significantly increased when we also take time to build the coaching capability of managers. Research from an ICF Global Coaching Study found that 99% of workers who had been […]

    Fi Coach Mentor Balance
  • on
    18th January 2023

    Is 2023 the Year of the Chief Remote Officer?

    With the pandemic altering the fundamental structure of work, many employers have been wading through several stages of grief as they realize there is no “returning to normal” and remote/hybrid working models are here to stay. As we venture into a new year – three years after the pandemic began – employers appear to be […]

    Fi Chief Remote Officer
  • on
    13th January 2023

    Improving Compensation IQ to Win Over Talent in 2023 

    As we enter the new year, many employers are conducting end of year pay reviews for their employees. This year’s pay trends are likely to differ from previous ones due to a variety of factors which may influence how leaders and workers approach their compensation strategy in the coming twelve months. Considering that a recent […]

    Fi Compensation Iq
  • on
    11th January 2023

    Is the Metaverse a Solution Looking for a Problem?

    Recently, Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg laid off more than 11,000 employees due to a drop in profits, and this saw shares in the company sink by almost 20%. This is all without mentioning the anonymous reviews being left by former Meta employees on Blind – with one of them claiming that “the metaverse will be […]

    Fi Metaverse
  • on
    09th January 2023

    Can You Speak ‘Cybernese’?

    If you are thinking ‘what on earth is Cybernese?’ you may be surprised to discover that it is a rapidly evolving language that we all need to become fluent in – fast. Because Cybernese is the non-verbal, online language we have all begun to adopt since the mass exodus from the office to remote and […]

    Fi Cybernese
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